Jimbo Fisher on Haynes King, Development Philosophy at the Practice Clinic

“You know, that’s an interesting thing. I come back to two things people forget about my past. Before being with Coach Saban, I was with a family called Bowden pretty well. I remember when I was with Bobby Bowden that for me there is no greater gentleman who has ever done it and who has done it as well as anyone. I mean, like when I was with him, when I first became the offensive coordinator at about 23, but I was very young. 1990 before the 1991 season, I would sit and listen to his meetings, I would sit in the back. I was like a Bowden, I would stay at his place, I would do things. I would sit in the back and listen to him organize meetings, I would sit listening to him call games on the headset, in the press box and I couldn’t speak but I would just listen to him call games. games, how he settled things up. I mean, one of the greatest players ever, one of the greatest offensive minds and built the state of Florida out of the middle of nowhere to nothing of what it was and what we planes. So I was very lucky that a lot of my philosophies today come from my coaching background. Our lives blend together so much, how we did it, and through his sons, Terry, who was my coach, Jeff, who coached with Tommy, so had this experience, which is still very, very relevant to what I do. think and how I do today. Then you know, being with Coach Saban and different things, organizationally, I think about how we looked at things and how specific and detailed we got and how we looked at every detail of every. day and how you broke down the season as it progressed, because I was with him earlier when they did it in recruiting and the way the Bowdens did things and how he could do it. do, then with Saban later, two totally different. I mean, a North Pole, a South Pole, but both very successful. I mean 14 top five years in a row. Coach Saban did what he did. So, I mean, organizationally, on a day-to-day basis, modernizing the way things are done, I think, and some of the work history for me and some of the guys he was with with Bill Belichick, Bill Parcells and , you know, even goes back to his trainer Don James, who believe it or not people very much forget about Coach Bowden’s background, you talk about Belichick coaching Don James, because he was a coach at Kent State, what people forget, Bobby Bowden and Don James, were on the same staff at Florida State as Wizards in the ’60s, under Peterson all those years. So, I mean, there’s a lot of overlap and what I had, but I mean, his organization, how he organized things on a day-to-day basis, and how we handled things and the structure.

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