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CHARLES TOWN – A team of leaders from Jefferson County schools presented the teacher leadership framework that is expected to be implemented in the district at Monday night’s board of education meeting, with the draft coming out of the House Act 4804.

Joel Silver, co-ordinator of colleges, said the bill was as if the state gave each district a set of bricks to build a house, allowing each district to form a plan that best suits them.

“This framework is a living document,” Silver said, adding that it can be adjusted to work as the county sees fit. “We can change it as we go. “

The framework has three goals, with each goal of the framework to address student success and growth, increase teacher collaboration, and be based on the retention and development of highly effective teachers.

The framework must also address several points according to state guidelines, including the creation of specific roles and responsibilities, eligibility conditions and compensation plans for each teacher leader position and clearly communicate these to teacher leaders, administration and other stakeholders, as funding comes from step 7d; offer regular and targeted professional learning opportunities to school leaders and encourage upgrading in the respective schools; provide time and opportunities for head teachers to collaborate with administrators, program staff, other head teachers and teachers; monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the teacher support program through surveys of school administration and faculty; and include head teachers in the school improvement planning process.

The teacher leadership framework could focus on seven areas, with Jefferson County working on areas 4 and 5, which facilitate improved teaching and student learning and encourage the use of assessments and assessments. data for school and district improvement.

The framework went through many lenses before being presented to the board, allowing many perspectives to play a role in its development. Four axes were presented, each role being created only for JCS employees.

The first objective is the recruitment of qualified candidates for the district, the creation of recruiting positions. There will be a minimum of two per program level and per service staff for a maximum of 10.

The goal of this position is to increase the recruitment of qualified candidates by connecting potential employees with those already in the county to provide real insight. These recruiters would attend career fairs, among other events, and showcase what it’s like to be in Jefferson County outside of the profession.

“We are in an unprecedented teacher shortage,” said Keith Moody of Charles Town Middle. “I don’t think we can just wait and hope that Shepherd’s students just choose to stay in Jefferson County.”

The second goal is to increase the retention rate of certified, qualified and effective teachers through the creation of attrition advocates. The same settings will be for that position, with a maximum of 10 in total. Advocates will carry out “temperature” checks in the district through surveys and see where the new teachers are mentally and how things could be improved. They would also do exit surveys of employees leaving the district to find ways to improve the county.

Silver said these polls may provide opinions the district doesn’t necessarily want to hear, but it will be a learning process.

Jason Smith of Washington High said having peers in this role will make it easier for employees to discuss their dissatisfaction and celebrate the positives.

Increasing the role of teacher leader pay in curriculum-based decisions was the third goal, which is linked to the creation of curriculum specialists or “master teachers”. There will be one per programmatic level, starting with math, but the hope is to have scientists and social scientists by July 2023 and continue to develop from there.

These employees will help develop program guides, program evolution tools, participate in program evaluation, ensure vertical alignment and more.

“No one spends more time involving children in the program than our teachers and teaching staff,” Wright Denny’s principal Chris Walter said, adding that they understood what was going on in the program better than anyone.

Walter pointed out that it makes more sense for these employees to have greater ownership and leadership in this area of ​​education.

The final objective presented was to increase the capacity of teachers to improve student achievement, which leads to the creation of teaching mentor positions. There will be up to three mentees per mentor. These mentors are to meet new teachers, support academic coaches, teach educational strategies, teach JCS policy and procedure, and provide school-level support.

Wildwood Middle principal Jennifer Moss compared it to elementary schools with buddy benches outside just for employees.

“We think the state is asking us for a good thing,” Silver said. “We believe this will develop our teachers professionally. This will help them financially.

The setting allows teachers to stay in the classrooms they love while allowing them to have more money and a stronger voice.

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