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There is something definitely non-linear about PTI politics. The fictional foreign conspiracy mantra viciously trumpeted by Imran Khan and his PTI has been baffled by the presentation of the facts by all concerned stakeholders, both nationally and internationally. On display is a classic case of blind devotion by PTI supporters who see nothing wrong with what Imran Khan believes and preaches. There is indeed a suspension of the critical spirit that only the hysteria of the masses can explain, because only they believe in this voluntarist rhetoric of the former Pakistani Prime Minister.

The proceedings of the National Security Council meeting have been repeatedly twisted through a vigorous social media campaign by the blind worshipers that the official military spokesman had to demolish the fiction with the facts by saying, “In terms of the military response to the NSC meeting, that position at that meeting was fully given and then a statement was issued…which clearly says what was reached at that meeting. meeting. The words used are in front of you…as I said…the words used are clear. Is there a word such as conspiracy used there? I think not.” It became mandatory for the army to tell the truth because Imran Khan was playing a dangerous game by inflaming the environment through this fabrication of facts. It was perceived that Imran Khan might return to his advisory board to conjure up a new narrative because the conspiracy mantra was already dying without hard evidence, but no, PTI did not swallow their pride and continued to propagate this myth. When DG ISPR rebuked this conspiracy myth, US State Department spokesman Ned Price in a media interview acknowledged DG ISPR’s statement in which he dismissed the impression of a foreign “plot” to overthrow the government of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Not once, but DG ISPR must have refuted this conspiracy mantra in the national media so many times.

Following DG ISPR’s repeated denials of the conspiracy myth, PTI leaders Shireen Mazari and Asad Umar in a live press conference themselves admitted that the military leadership was of the opinion during National Security Committee meeting that they had found no evidence of foreign conspiracy against former Prime Minister Imran. Khan. After this acceptance, PTI still drags the conspiracy mantra. At the same press conference, Shireen Mazari claimed that the figure was intentionally not shown to the then Foreign Secretary. However, much to Ms Mazari’s dismay, former Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had already publicly admitted that he had seen the cipher when it was received in Pakistan. He added that he himself informed the former prime minister of the figure and advised him to issue a demarche, but this was delayed due to the upcoming 48th session of the OIC conference that Pakistan was hosting. Now the question is whether the former government was aware of a foreign plot hatched against them by the United States before the OIC conference, why they invited the United States Undersecretary Azra Zia to the same OIC conference? Then-NSA Moeed Yusuf and ex-FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi also held separate meetings with her, after which Shah Mehmood tweeted; “Bilaterally, Pakistan has a long-standing relationship with the United States and we believe that a regular and structured process of dialogue is important to promote our bilateral and shared regional objectives. We look forward to commemorating the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations this year. The question that arises again can this be a tone and a language of a foreign secretary who was very well aware that a foreign plot was hatched by the same country for which he was now making remarks commendable?

Pakistan’s former Ambassador to the United Nations and the United States, Maleeha Lodhi, also flatly rejected the foreign conspiracy mantra saying that “contradictions and differences exist between countries, which are exchanged through diplomatic cables. . Therefore, with the alien conspiracy narrative, Imran Khan was building from the beginning, there was no reality behind it. In the past, we have exchanged very harsh diplomatic cables with the United States on the nuclear program and the war on terrorism, but this does not prove a sense of conspiracy. Therefore, it is just a diplomatic exchange and there is nothing unusual. Another senior diplomat who also served as High Commissioner to India, Abdul Basit also refuted Imran Khan’s claim while saying that “State officials issuing such threats to diplomats is completely unheard of. Incidents of state officials telling diplomats they would sever ties if a country’s government was not removed have never been heard of before.

This political maneuver full of illusions and delusions must be buried for a better political discourse in the country. You disagree on economics, politics and policies every day, but PTI needs to think about something else. Because, it has become even more crucial today. Is the plot concoction dying or is it already dead? You decide!!

Humais Sheikh is an independent defense analyst based in Islamabad. He obtained his Masters in Defense and Strategic Studies from Quaid-I-Azam University in Islamabad.

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