“Is earning huge income from the sale of alcohol the Gandhian philosophy? “

TDP national president and former chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Saturday criticized the YSRCP government for “undermining Gram Swaraj’s concept of autonomy” that Mahatma Gandhi has strived to achieve, and is asked if earning huge income from alcohol sales was Gandhi’s philosophy.

“The sale of drugs is rampant in the state as the government has turned a blind eye to the threat,” Naidu said in a statement.

“Cheap alcohol brands”

“The lives of the poor are ruined because they become addicted to alcohol. Instead of exploring ways to wean them from harm, the government is trying to maximize income and raise loans by posting them as income. In addition, cheap brands of alcohol are sold to the poor, who do not think about the harmful consequences, ”observed Mr. Naidu.

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had promised women ahead of the elections that he would impose a total ban, but he reneged on his pledge after taking office, Naidu said.

Claiming that the TDP government had closed the belt shops, Mr Naidu said they multiplied again under the YSRCP regime.

” The prices were raised “

“Revenues from alcohol sales have increased by 75%. An incredible 1.25 crore liters of locally made alcohol was seized in just one year. Alcohol prices have been increased to generate additional income, ”Naidu said.

The economy was in such a crisis that police and teachers had to work in liquor stores for a living during the pandemic, Naidu said.

“The government has no strategy to avoid financial problems,” Naidu said, alleging that many cases of drugs and ganja have their roots in the state.

Meanwhile, activists from Telugu Mahila, the women’s wing of the TDP, smashed alcohol bottles outside the party office near Mangalagiri to protest the government’s “failure” to impose a total ban.

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