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Miller Hudson

Replacement is not so much a theory as a demographic fact but not in the way it is discussed on the right. We don’t know what Neanderthals had to say about the scruffy little humans that drove them to extinction. Raiders, immigrants and other wanderers have been replacing native populations for tens of thousands of years. Darwinian selection as the driving force of evolution has generally been referred to as “selection of the fittest”. The idea that we survivors of life’s competition represent nature’s best work surely plays into our vanity.

Yet what if Darwin had actually backtracked and evolution was working on the principle of weeding out the least fit among us? Perhaps survival isn’t so much a victory as a Hobbesian struggle to maintain a safe distance from the drain at the bottom of the gene pool. The North Carolina Republicans’ decision to throw Madison Cawthorn overboard surely offers hope that a similar fate could await Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, whose lack of fitness is readily assessed.

Colorado history is not without its own alternate dramas. The pioneers we honor were a brutal bunch, more than willing to slaughter any tribal people who thought our plains and mountains were theirs. They were moved with a ferocity that must have looked like a coordinated assault. A national poll indicates that 60% of Republicans believe there is a plan, led by an elite (often presumed Jewish) cabal, to replace the white race with immigrants and people of color. This theory suffers from several very serious logical flaws. It is fair to ask who is likely to be replaced?

Pew points out that most American Jews consider themselves white, and an even larger majority of African Americans have much deeper roots in this country’s history than the white people who fear them. This disconnect leaves us suspecting that white racism lurks as a motive. Dylan Roof in Charleston and now Payton Gendron in Buffalo have confessed they hope to start a race war. To what end?

There is not the slightest evidence that black Americans have any desire to replace white Americans. They think it’s important to remember that they came here against their will and were then enslaved. They would also prefer to be treated equally, as required by the Constitution, both economically and before the law. Critical Race Theory is a theory that happens to be true.

The replacement theory, on the other hand, is a fantasy born out of fear – false fears that immigrants, resident minorities and feminists will band together in a stealth campaign to grant themselves more rights than whites. There are real crises to worry about in the 21st century. Whether by design or through systemic contradictions, capitalism has funneled virtually all of its profits to a handful of the wealthiest Americans. Climate change threatens to literally burn down our house, as Coloradoans know all too well. Partisan gridlock has brought government to a standstill in Washington, and for the first time in our country’s experience, future generations may well be poorer than their parents. Health care is a waste and higher education prohibitively expensive.

A recent global poll found that three-quarters of young people think their future is scary, with 56% agreeing they think humanity is doomed. The Great Replacement Theory is part of a movement that dates back two hundred years of American political life. It has a long history which previously focused its anger on Catholics, Irish, Italians, Jews and Asians. This fanaticism rejects the promise of the melting pot, of Americanism as the identity assumed by all immigrants, whatever their origin. It ignores the indisputable reality that “Americans by choice” come here because they cherish the economic opportunities and personal freedoms available to them, often escaping the horrors or injustices imposed at home.

White nationalists know this. They recognize that most new Americans succeed because they work harder to become better citizens than many of us who were born here. Therefore, critics blatantly lie about immigrants. US Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana is sponsoring a resolution demanding President Biden launch an attack on violent crime with a particular focus on immigrant criminals. Even the Libertarian Cato Institute has rejected such attacks, pointing out that our immigrants commit far fewer crimes than the general American population. No sane immigrant is willing to risk his good fortune by reaching our shores.

Current attempts to restrict access to abortion and contraception are seen as a method to coerce white women into producing more white babies – to forcibly breed with dark-skinned mothers and resist the great replacement . It is a program that will be rejected if we remain a democracy. It could only be enforced by violence. Twenty percent of Americans say they agree with this. To be concerned.

Miller Hudson is a public affairs consultant and former Colorado legislator.

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