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The introduction of politicized educational ideas such as “critical race theory” into the public school curriculum is a major reason for the decline of American public school systems. In many schools, political curricula have crowded out what many parents see as the main purpose of schools – educating students in basic subjects such as reading, math and science.

US government data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress indicates that in 2019, only 37% of US high school students were fluent in reading. The results drop to 24% in mathematics and 22% in science. The root of the problem is the government’s virtual monopoly of education, which means there is little or no incentive to keep federal, state, and local “educators” from imposing the latest educational methods to students. Any attempt by government to “fix” education, such as No Child Left Behind or Common Core, inevitably fails.

The replacement of education with indoctrination is one of the reasons many parents are pulling their children from public schools to homeschooling. Of course, one of the biggest reasons for the growth of home schooling is the covid lockdown and the mask and vaccine mandates. Restrictions in schools have been particularly absurd as children tend to be at little risk from covid.

Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states. However, authoritarians who believe that children’s education should be controlled by “experts” are constantly trying to undermine homeschoolers. Sometimes the enemies of homeschoolers are aided by well-meaning homeschoolers. For example, there is a bill pending in the Alabama state legislature that would make homeschoolers eligible for taxpayer funding. Home schooling advocates who support this bill forget that with government funding inevitably comes government control. So any homeschooled family that accepts government money is asking the government to tell them how to educate their children. Additionally, some school districts use truancy laws to harass students at home. States also require parents to prove that homeschool students are receiving an education that meets state standards.

Fortunately, as homeschooling has become a more popular choice, many new resources have become available to help parents who wish to homeschool their children. Among these resources is the Ron Paul Curriculum.

Students who use my home schooling program can achieve higher education than the standards set by politicians or bureaucrats. Instead of indoctrinating students with instruction in subjects such as critical race theory, my program provides students with a solid grounding in history, literature, math, and science. It also gives students the opportunity to create their own websites and internet businesses. The program is designed to be self-directed, with students helping and learning from each other through online forums.

Starting in the fourth year, students must write at least one essay per week. Students are required to post their essays on their blogs. Students also take a public speaking course.

The curriculum emphasizes the history, philosophy, and economics of freedom, but it never replaces indoctrination with education. The goal is to produce students with superior critical thinking skills who can thrive with their individuality.

If you think my program can meet your child’s needs, please visit for more information.

This article was published by the RonPaul Institute

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