Hard work pays off for Commonweal students

EXCEPTIONAL Commonwealth students brought home working to the spotlight.

Felipe Tcach plans to go to the University of Manchester to study physics and theoretical physics after obtaining all A * in mathematics, physics, additional mathematics and Spanish.

Speaking about the work from home element, Felipe, 18, said: “It was actually quite difficult, studying at home is more difficult to concentrate because there were more distractions.

“Commonweal was a great community, I will miss all of my friends.

“All the teachers really supported me.”

Felipe ended his results day by starting his quarterback at Los Gatos.

Olivia Harrison, 18, is putting off a year before moving to the University of Bristol to study politics with sociology after earning an A’s and two A’s * in psychology, sociology and government and politics.

Speaking about her time, she said: “It was quite difficult because I made the decision to work from home.

“It was a little weird not being in class, but it was still nice to talk to people

“I loved the sixth grade so much, all of my teachers were so understanding and did everything they could to help me.

“I couldn’t have done it without them.”

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