Group IRS File Reveals Link Between Right-Wing Black Money and “Critical Race Theory” media hysteria

A recently released IRS brief for the right-wing activist group Parents Defending Education (PDE), which was founded to promote the ongoing fear campaign against the supposed teaching of “critical race theory” in schools, reveals the symbiotic relationship between the right-wing media echo chamber and conservative political activists stoking a cultural panic.

Group president Nicki Neily appeared on Fox News as part of the network’s dishonest coverage of efforts by school board officials and the FBI to respond to threats and harassment. But Neily is not just a parent defending education, as she has a long history of running right-wing organizations funded by the Koch brothers’ networks and the Bradley Foundation.

From List of administrators from PDE is New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz, Fox’s corporate cousin. Markowicz publicly disclosed her involvement with PDE on her Twitter account, but she and the Murdoch media weren’t so forthright when it came to education-related stories.

For example, Markowicz wrote articles in the New York Post ostensibly related to the Virginia gubernatorial election to promote the political agenda of the PDE, such as an October 31 article titled “There is nothing wrong about this. of Parental Outrage in America’s Culture War, ”as well as a November 14 column article titled“ Now that parents are finally taken seriously, here’s what needs to change. None of these articles contained a disclaimer regarding his leadership role within PDE.

Markowicz also appeared in the November 10 edition of American press room. In a segment on Critical Race Theory, the network’s so-called “direct news” program identified her as a Post columnist, but not as one of the leaders of a group of right-wing activists pushing for a program for public schools. During the appearance, Markowicz falsely claimed that “Democrats spent a week calling parents racists” for identifying alleged “problems with their schools”, while the segment also broadcast B-roll footage featuring various content. anti-CRT.

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