Groundbreaking anti-smoking intervention launched in UK

True Quit, the revolutionary program that has helped thousands of people to quit smoking across Australia, has been launched in the UK.

True Quit, the revolutionary program that has helped thousands of people to quit smoking across Australia, has been launched in the UK.

Founded by Australian addiction specialist Michael Gregory, True Quit reduces and eliminates physical and mental cravings for cigarettes.

The True Quit Method takes smokers on a learning journey, starting with understanding how their minds and behavior have changed to automatically generate cravings and “fight or flight” feelings that make quitting painful.

True Quit teaches how to eliminate and prevent mental cravings to smoke through an educational module that is delivered via daily 10 minute videos. The educational module also includes simple 30-second techniques for stopping mental cravings whenever they occur and reducing fight or flight. These do not require any willpower and can be used continuously.

Prior to their quit attempt, True Quit patients practice the techniques to stop mental cravings and fight or flee unwillingly and regain control. Once the smoker can confidently quit smoking using these techniques alone, they are ready to quit smoking altogether.

At this point, True Quit recommends their clients to undergo cold, low-intensity laser treatment. This treatment targets acupuncture points proven to make physical cravings and fights or leaks less intense, during their first week as a non-smoker. True Quit is teaming up with skilled health practitioners like Ruth Phypers, who works at Laser Medicine of Harley Street in London and Acton Clinic, to offer their laser therapy.

“Tobacco addiction is a major problem here in the UK, with around 6.9 million Britons smoking cigarettes. We look forward to working with Michael and the True Quit team to help address this UK public health issue, ”said Phypers.

If participants need help or guidance at every stage of the program, they can access the one-on-one support provided by True Quit each week. His approach to combating addiction has made a life-changing life to many Australians by helping them quit smoking forever. For example, cricket legend Doug Walters quit smoking 80 cigarettes a day using the True Quit Method.

He said: “It has been over 10 years now since I completed the program with Michael in Australia and I have quit smoking around 80 cigarettes a day. Plus, most of my good friends quit the same way. All I can tell anyone in UK is to try the program like I did. You have nothing to lose except your smoker’s cough.

Michael Gregory, founder of True Quit, has moved from Australia to the UK and hopes to help thousands of UK smokers quit the bad habit. He said: “I moved to the UK and am running True Quit here so that many more smokers can experience the freedom to achieve something they thought was impossible. I want to help them get free from tobacco addiction just by learning the truth about addiction and applying simple techniques.

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True Quit is a step-by-step program that converts a smoker’s brain back into a non-smoker’s mind. It provides a unique understanding of the problems encountered when quitting smoking and teaches a revolutionary technique for eliminating cravings without willpower.

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