Greenwich official just a foot soldier

Recently, a vice principal in Greenwich, Connecticut was filmed admitting that he only hires progressive teachers. He explained that he will not hire rigid Catholics, nor older teachers who are too set in their ways, to fulfill his mission of progressive teaching.

In Greenwich, he’s probably an outlier. I should know. I live in Greenwich and have a second year student in the school system. He’s had two great teachers and is just getting started with a seemingly very promising third.

Yet the issue is not a Greenwich issue. This is a national issue, specifically a Beltway issue. The national teachers unions headquartered in Washington, D.C., and the Biden administration very clearly promote a leftist agenda. The unions and Biden are doing everything they can to inject critical race theory (CRT) into public schools across the country, despite all their protests to the contrary.

Just months after the Biden administration began in April 2021, the federal Department of Education placed a proposed rule on the Federal Register stating that when awarding federal grants for American history education and in civics, it would prioritize federal grants for teachers. training and classroom instruction to projects that “integrate anti-racist practices into teaching and learning”.

The proposed rule cited the work of one of the most radical progressives as the authoritative basis for the rule: “As the scholar Ibram X. Kendi has expressed… ‘Anti-racist ideas hold that racist policies are the cause racial inequality.'” Kendi is infamous for many inflammatory statements such as “The only cure for racial discrimination is anti-racist discrimination”. Apparently Professor Kendi has never heard the old adage that two wrongs don’t make a right.

Moving on to the National Teachers Unions, we see the National Education Association passing a resolution at its 2021 annual meeting: “The NEA will provide an already-created in-depth study that criticizes empire, white supremacy, anti-Blackness , anti-Indigeneity, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society, and that we oppose attempts to ban critical race theory and / or the 1619 Project.” Needless to say, “criticizing” is tantamount to rejection, and opposing a CRT ban is tantamount to promoting the CRT.

For its part, the American Federation of Teachers distributes to school districts free books from First Books, a non-profit organization, which itself handles the free distribution of Professor Kendi’s books.

Greenwich’s deputy director is just an infantryman in a war being waged from Washington, DC A recent column in the Wall Street Journal provides insight into the system of distributing generals from education in DC to infantrymen in the field. As one might imagine, there seems to be a constellation of consultants pushing the ideology, offering training, and handing out educational materials on the CRT and other elements of the extreme progressive agenda.

The Journal reported on a Pennsylvania school district that contracted with Pacific Education Group for teacher training. The district denied a parent’s request for a copy of the training materials until he sued in federal court and won.

Even after losing the lawsuit and after the training materials became public, the district asserted that “no ‘course, program, or program’ in the district ‘teaches critical race theory’.”

The Journal reviewed the material and concluded that the teachers were clearly trained in CRT. The Journal observed that school districts may “think they can drive parents away by making a distinction between teacher training and curriculum.” Then, Le Journal got to the heart of the matter with a rhetorical question: “But what is the use of teacher training if not to inform teachers about how they should teach?

It is clear that the CRT and associated radical ideological theories are not bubbling up in a groundswell from the American base. He is being force-fed from Washington, DC.

It’s popping up everywhere: math education in California; school staff in Washington State; in New York’s elite schools; in Loudoun County, Virginia, and Rhode Island; and many other places too numerous to list.

Washington, DC progressives are leading this push to use public schools as centers of indoctrination. Additionally, they triggered the dispatch of federal law enforcement to “investigate” parents who push back. The Washington-based National School Boards Association did so by sending a letter to Attorney General Garland. Yet when the NSBA withdrew its letter, Garland did not call back the FBI.

Teaching a theory so controversial and divisive that it must be disseminated throughout the school system primarily “under cover of obscurity” – that is, masked by denial that it is present or embraced and taught – is not something parents should defend. Parents whose parental rights and authority are overridden by progressives and teacher unions should push back vigorously.

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