Grace Lavery ‘terrified’ after so-called ‘gender critics’ target her mother

Grace Lavery has pulled out of scheduled debates ahead of her UK tour after several “gender sensitive activists” harassed her mother online. (Instagram/@grace.lavery.pangolin)

The mother of trans author and teacher Grace Lavery has been harassed online by a swarm of so-called ‘gender critics’ on Twitter.

Lavery – who is an associate professor of English, critical theory, and gender and women’s studies at the University of California, Berkeley – suffered a barrage of vitriol over her decision to step back from a debate with anti-trans author Helen Joyce.

According to the Trans Safety Network, Lavery faced an onslaught of trolls trying to get her banned from the UK ahead of an upcoming tour to promote her memoir. Please Miss: Stunning Penis Ripping Job next month. This despite the fact that Lavery is a British citizen.

Lavery announced through a friend that she was stepping back from the debate with Joyce after meeting with some members of the British trans community who were concerned about the proposed event.

The Trans Safety Network archived an “absolute attack of abuse and mockery” which was later sent to Lavery’s friend. Much of the abuse has centered around their relationship with Lavery and the fact that the individual is also undergoing treatment for cancer.

“For too long, this type of casual abuse targeting people associated with trans public figures has been used as a way to isolate and intimidate trans people, friends and family, the organization noted.

The ‘abuse’ came after Lavery was suspended from Twitter because, during the deluge of tweets calling for her ban from the UK, saying she hoped the Queen, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, would die.

Another friend of Grace Lavery later posted a Twitter author statement who revealed that his mother was being harassed online.

Lavery explained that her mother was “assailed on Twitter by the same gender activists who had been harassing me for a few years.” She said some of those accounts posted “pics of my husband and I having consensual, loving, slightly kinky sex” that they “stole from a private Instagram account a few years ago.”

“The hatred, misogyny and rage directed at my mother was just too much to bear. I couldn’t and can’t ask him to endure the vicious attacks I’m used to,” Lavery said.

She continued, “The other was that I was, well, terrified, in a way that I just hadn’t been before.”

Lavery shared that she “no longer felt like she could understand exactly how my advocacy could be of use to the British trans community”, and realized that her tour would “probably become a focal point for the same kind of people who would send” photos of her and her husband having sex with his mother.

“I’m afraid of these people, and I’m not prepared – literally, I’m not prepared, I can’t afford the preparations that would be necessary – to feel physically safe in a debate” , she said.

“My friends and supporters, who cheered me on, finally encouraged me to call it a day for my own safety, including my emotional safety, which is frayed.”

Lavery said she has decided to cancel another event, but will not be reducing her events in the United States or abandoning this leg of her tour.

She said she was “proud” of her memoir and wanted to “connect with those” who read them. Lavery hoped his tour wouldn’t go “without at least some ability to directly engage my opponents.”

The Trans Safety Network said there had been “a lot of disagreement in the trans community” over whether “debating critical gender figures was a good idea” or whether it could “lead to increased heinous crimes against others”.

However, he said other members of the UK trans community, who had been in a meeting with Lavery, thought it was “important to at least try to take up space and talk about trans issues” when this is possible given the “current levels of exclusion”. of media presence.

The Trans Safety Network said the ‘unfortunate abuse’ that Grace Lavery and her loved ones have suffered is ‘proof that there is currently not much room for civil debate on trans issues in the UK’.

“At least there isn’t one where engaging in it doesn’t immediately turn into a risk of harming loved ones,” he said. “And under these conditions, why would a trans person participate or should participate in public life?

The local network sent its respect to the author for his “thoughtful and conscientious engagement with the British trans community during this absolute fiasco”.

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