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Editor’s Note: This is part of the Daily Journal’s ongoing series after the 102nd General Assembly. This year’s session resulted in more than 660 bills being sent to Governor JB Pritzker for signature or veto, either directly or through inaction.

Governor JB Pritzker recently signed the following Bills of the 102nd General Assembly:

Increases maximum number of alternative health care models at birthing centers in Illinois.

Make technical changes to the Veterans Service Conditions Working Group.

Allows attorney fees and costs to be allocated to a private investigator, private security, fingerprint vendor, locksmith licensee, interested party, or injured person if they successfully obtain an injunction, whether by consent or otherwise.

Expands illegal discrimination in IL human rights law to include discrimination against an individual because of their association with a person with a disability.

Requires that a written follow-up plan be provided to patients upon discharge from a DHS facility.

Creates the Illinois Innovation Voucher program to foster research and development in key industry clusters, leading to the development of new products and services that Illinois businesses can commercialize.

Enables the issuance of Aviation Enthusiasts stickers for special license plates for members of the Illinois Chapters of the Experimental Aircraft Association.

Enables the issuance of special license plate stickers for the Child Abuse Council of the Quad Cities of the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Extends the TIF Districts in the Town of Mount Carroll and the Village of Elizabeth at age 35.

Extends the estimated completion date for redevelopment projects in the Town of Mount Pulaski and the Town of Polo.

Requires that inspections of fire dampers and HVAC smoke dampers be carried out by certified inspectors of the International Certification Board.

Extends the Southern Suburbs Redevelopment Program until 2026 and gives data centers 2 years, instead of 90 days, to gain green building certification.

Stops the Chicago South Suburban Mass Transit District on

January 1, 2022, and transfers ownership of its only remaining assets – the parking lots at Homewood, Olympia Fields and University Park – to the respective municipalities.

Extends time for parents or guardians of Chicago Public School students to file a complaint alleging delay or denial of special education services during a two-year period in which the district has enforced policies and illegal procedures.

Create a working group to look for ways to better help public defenders manage their caseload.

Extends the implementation date for electronic records for the Secretary of State to July 1, 2022.

Allows a local health department to inspect a complaint about a facility under its jurisdiction.

Ensures that a manufacturer cannot require an automobile dealership to offer a secondary product or prohibit an automobile dealership from offering a secondary product.

Allows any chairman of a county council to request a special council meeting, rather than being limited to the presidents of the counties where the presidents are elected.

Allows county councils to waive permit fees, fees or registration fees for businesses that demonstrate through an application a need based on financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Requires auto parts recyclers and scrap metal processors to submit an unwanted vehicle notification to the Secretary of State.

Extends the repeal of the Water Well and Pumps Contractor Permits Act until January 1, 2027.

Increases the length of time that owners of older motor vehicles can drive these vehicles on highways.

Made changes regarding health insurance plans for an injured employee.

Amends the Downstate Teacher section of the Illinois Pension Code to allow teachers to return to work in a school without affecting their retirement.

Adds that a school bus can be fitted with a special arm extension and allows IDOT to create a pilot program to test safety equipment.

Expands privileges to craft brewers, wineries and spirits, including creating new licenses, establishing an annual gallonage, legalizing mead, and creating a new delinquency list.

Effective: Immediately, with the exception of provisions for a written list of delinquent retail licensees to be developed, administered and maintained by the Illinois Liquor Control Board, will come into effect on January 1, 2022.

Requires group health insurance plans to cover colonoscopies deemed medically necessary based on initial screening.

Codifies the transfer of the Office of Energy from DCEO to IEPA.

Requires that annual auditors hired by charter schools not be affiliated with the school in any way.

Extends the TIF in the city of Washington.

Commemorates August 26 as Illinois Constitution Day.

Used to equip the license plates of the fire chief and the intervention tools on the vehicles of the deputy chief and the deputy chief in order to respond to emergencies.

Provides that a county superintendent of highways may grant or deny a request for construction on township highways.

Allows nurses, physician assistants and advanced practice nurses with active licenses to apply to serve as volunteer paramedics in rural areas.

Requires DCFS to submit a report on outcomes for children with input from DCFS.

Expands on how the counties of DuPage, Kane, Lake, Will and McHenry can use the proceeds of the fuel tax.

Allows temporary disabled parking decals for pregnant women in their third trimester.

Aligns statutory posting requirements for managed care contract claims reports on HFS ‘HealthChoice Illinois website.

Expands definition of driver training course to include instruction on law enforcement procedures during traffic stops, including appropriate interactions with law enforcement officers.

Eliminate the CPS Chronic Absenteeism Arbitration Board and demand that the CPS implement a socio-emotional attendance policy and provide intervention services for truancy rather than ” impose penalties in the event of school absenteeism.

Establishes the State Committee for Equity in Education to ensure equity in education for all children from birth to 12th grade.

Changes when the Alternative Retail Electricity Suppliers (ARES) report is due by May 31, 2020, Alternative Gas Suppliers report by September 30, and the report of the Director of the Commission’s Retail Market Development Office is October 31 .

Creates the Forest Reserve District and Conservation District Design-Build Authorization Act.

Removes restrictions imposed by deed of transfer of canal land from the State to Ottawa.

Provides new caps on total incentive for wellness coverage and new terms for certified application counselors.

Clarifies that the role of the Illinois Committee for Agricultural Education (ICAE) is to advise the State Council on the administration of the agricultural education budget line and the regulation of agencies that affect educational educators agricultural.

Includes electronic cigarettes and other vapor devices as one of the educational areas of the comprehensive health education program.

Makes culturally appropriate changes to how Blacks and African Americans are defined in state law.

Demands that all service agents and DVA supervisors within the field division be honorably removed from their posts and changes the statutory language to be gender-neutral.

Allows individuals to bring civil lawsuits against those who make false 911 calls.

Expands the definition of a “rape crisis organization”.

Establishes the Advisory Commission on Reducing the Disproportionate Representation of African American Children in Foster Families.

Requires local school districts to adopt written policies regarding absences and missed homework or class homework as a result of or related to a student’s pregnancy.

Allows high schools to include in their curriculum a teaching unit on the naturalization process by which a foreign citizen or foreign national becomes a U.S. citizen.

Extends the Morris TIF District 1 of the Town of Morris.

Requires that the board of directors of each public university and community college district designate an employee as a liaison for undocumented students.

Allows children in the care of the DCFS who are victims of sexual assault to obtain a forensic interview with a child advocacy center.

Codifies the Illinois Department of Corrections policy for referring a parolee or parolee to another state or local agency prior to release from a correctional facility.

Changes the criteria for membership on the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) board of directors.

Increases the number of members of the State Council of Pharmacy and changes the conditions of membership.

Requires the Illinois Department of Public Health to collect data on determinants of health and social determinants of health at more granular levels than at the county level on topics more varied than current surveys (para example, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and Pregnancy Risk Assessment Surveillance System).

Allows veterans service organizations to elect members to veterans assistance commissions in the counties served in which at least 25% of its members reside.

Expands Illinois Emergency Management Agency Act to include cyber incidents in disasters.

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