Glenn Youngkin denounces liberal opponent Terry McAuliffe for calling critical race theory a “right-wing conspiracy”


Listen to the full interview below:

Glenn Youngkin, Former Carlyle Group CEO and GOP candidate for governor of Virginia joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to respond to opponent Terry McAuliffe’s rejection of concerns about critical race theory as a conspiracy to right.

Glenn Youngkin criticized McAuliffe’s rejection of critical race theory, saying:

“You know, Guy, it’s not a Republican-Democrat problem. I mean, our schools are in a state of chaos. And thank goodness for the parents and teachers who are ready to stand up for kids because the politicians in Virginia certainly are not. You know, we have this liberal liberal leftist philosophy led by Terry McAuliffe that can’t even begin to defend the teaching of critical race theory. Their only approach is to call the crazy people who say it’s wrong. Well it’s again, it’s parents from all walks of life, Republicans, Independents, Democrats, parents all over Virginia stand up and say, stop teaching my kids to to hate. This is all that is seen through the prism of the race and therefore our children are pitted against each other and given excuses or actually trying to prevent them from living their life, the opportunity to dream the most. big dream possible. And that’s what I want Virginia to be fully exposed to, it’s a real curriculum. They will not be teaching critical race theory when I am governor and our children will be absolutely allowed and encouraged to run as fast as they can. And that my opponent once again belittle and reject parents and teachers across Virginia represents how far he is in the liberal liberal leftist establishment and why he is so far removed from what Virginians want., which is a new day, a new way forward.


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