Gene Editing Among Winter Classes for Freshmen and Sophomores at Salem Academy | Education

Salem Academy administrator Lossie Freeman led the effort to bring a team of female gene institute scientists to the Academy during a Salem calendar period known as “Jan Term “. It’s a two-week period in January that gives Salem students the opportunity to take short-term courses, serve in the community, or do an internship.

The Academy emphasizes its STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) curriculum, so partnering with the institute was a natural fit, said Summer McGee, president of Salem Academy and College.

The personnel of the Institut du gene is composed mainly of women.

“The decision (to focus on STEAM) came from looking at trends in education and the interests of young women, and obviously the need for diversity in science. Science and robotics have always been a strength , but we really double down on doing partnerships like this,” McGee said.

Four women from the Gene Institute have spent the past three days working with the Salem students.

“Women are generally a minority in science,” said Amanda Hewes, head of the gene institute’s education program. “We are teaching the next generation of scientists and leaders and encouraging them to explore the potential of a career in science as we have.”

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