Florida needs more philosophy majors. here is the proof

A question of philosophy

Promotion majors and salutatorians | June 2

As a university professor, I would like to congratulate this year’s high school graduates, including the Classes and Salutatorians of Pinellas County. It was fascinating to see their incoming majors, but I noticed that no one was planning on majoring in Philosophy. This makes sense because, unfortunately, philosophy is not part of mainstream public education, and therefore students’ exposure to philosophy is quite limited. Yet majoring in philosophy is incredibly beneficial.

According to PayScale.com, mid-career philosophy students earn more than biology, business administration, or nursing students. Additionally, philosophy majors score higher on LSAT than pre-law majors, higher on GMAT than business majors, higher on GRE than all other humanities, and have an acceptance rate. higher in medical school than any other major. All this in addition to undertaking the noble pursuit of the good life! I wish all the students who enter higher education in the fall the best, but I hope they take philosophy courses or get a double major. It may be more precious than they can imagine.

Peter Westmoreland, Saint PETERSBOURG

Together against cyberattacks

Meatpacking cyberattack | June 2

The world’s largest meat processor, JBS, has been hacked with ransomware similar to what happened to Colonial Pipeline last month. However, it looks like JBS will not pay any ransom because their backup servers have not been affected. Translation: They caught the ransomware before the backup servers were compromised. Today we all live in a global cyber village. As such, we need to look out for each other and share how, what, when and where whenever a cyberattack occurs, whether it is successful or not. For example, Colonial Pipeline has yet to provide details of the ransomware that was introduced into its network and systems last month. Embarrassment, reputation, stock prices, shareholder confidence and cyber insurance are major factors that keep businesses and organizations silent. Unfortunately, these are also the same reasons hackers are so successful. By sharing this information, the entire cyber village will benefit and in doing so can either blunt or completely avoid most future exploitative attacks.

Marc Khan, Tampa

A lesson in good citizenship

You can influence how Florida teaches civics education | June 2

I think Governor Ron DeSantis should take the civic education course himself. Then he would learn the social contract in a civilized society which sometimes prioritizes the health and well-being of society over the rights of individuals. This would involve things like wearing masks, requiring proof of vaccination, and reasonable gun laws, among others.

Michel Lang, Seminole

Real world citizenship

You can influence how Florida teaches civics education | June 2

Everything indicates that the new civic education program is based on fantasy. Will this cover Florida’s increasingly restricted process for citizen referendums? Will this cover up the resistance of the Legislature to the implementation of referendums? Or the increasingly complex process that the citizens of Florida must go through to vote? Or Tallahassee’s blatant disregard for constitutionality when it comes to funding private, segregated and religious schools? Will it include lessons on gerrymandering and other ways to limit the influence of political opponents and minorities in elections? My guess: No.

Stephen Phillips, Saint PETERSBOURG

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