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EEducation is the main issue in the Virginia governor’s race.

This is generally not a good topic for Republicans, as Democrats usually make it a referendum to spend more money.

But this year, the question is not how much money is spent on education; this is how money is spent in public schools.

Last year, parents got better insight into how local schools spend taxpayer dollars. It wasn’t pretty.

If money was not wasted on critical race theory, it was wasted on critical gender theory. Parents watched in horror as their children learned less about math, science, and critical thinking and more about how racist or victimized they were, how they might not be boys or girls, and worse , about how really bad and corrupt America is. is.

One thing has become evident over the past year and a half in the United States. Everyone needs more critical thinking skills and the courage to apply these skills to everyday life. You might as well start teaching them to children.

You can’t believe everything you read in the newspapers these days. In fact, you really can’t believe everything you read in the newspaper. When our politicians say something, don’t take it at face value. They may not be lying to you on purpose, but they are not telling you the whole truth. When health experts like Tony Fauci say something, get a second opinion. Fauci is not infallible. And for goodness sake, be careful with the internet. There is a lot of nonsense conveyed on social networks.

The fight for our nation’s schools is long overdue.

Our educational institution has failed our children and our nation for far too long.

Too many of our children cannot read at school level, cannot write simple paragraphs, cannot do simple calculations, know nothing about history, and are not ready to make a positive contribution to society. This is especially true in schools that serve large minority populations, but the failure is not limited to urban schools.

We need a revolution that puts more power in the hands of parents and takes power away from education bureaucrats.

This is the goal of next week’s elections.

Terry McAuliffe is the choice of unions because he wants to maintain the status quo. He thinks that public education is doing very well, even though he has notably sent his own children to a private school. He is uncomfortable giving parents more say in how their children are taught. He agrees with the way public schools teach Critical Race Theory and Critical Gender Theory. Whatever the unions want is fine for him.

And indeed, Democrats like McAuliffe aren’t really interested in giving children more critical thinking tools to help them question authority and chart their own course in a free world that requires taking risks to to succeed. They want children to learn far left ideologies to make them better democrats.

I’m not sure if Glenn Youngkin imagined education would be issue # 1 in this campaign when he decided to run for governor, but he’s in a good position to lead the fight against McAuliffe because he’s in. the soul a troublemaker who postulates. critical thinking skills to solve private sector problems.

In this COVID-19 mad world we live in, where children in the Blue States have to wear masks outside when playing football, where Democratic mayors promise to fire thousands of police officers who refuse to take a experimental vaccine, where small dictators shut down small businesses based on little more than whims disguised as health mandates, and where more than 50% of liberal voters believe they have a more than equal chance of dying from COVID-19 even if the statistics show a worst-case scenario, the odds are far less than 0.05%, we need to focus less on critical race theory and focus more on critical thinking theory.

This is really the subject of next week’s election.

Feehery is an EFB Advocacy partner and blogger at www.thefeeherytheory.com. He was spokesperson for the former president Dennis HastertJohn (Dennis) Dennis HastertYellen should use available resources before pushing for new regulations Feehery: Trumpus Rex Bottom line MORE (R-Ill.), As communications director for former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) when he was Majority Whip, and as speechwriter for former Parliamentary Minority Leader Bob Michel (R-Ill.).

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