Editorial. 05/27: LPS has the right to put aside its virtual learning plan | Editorial

Katie Bockelman teaches students about world geography using Zoom on Friday March 20 at Lincoln Lutheran School. The school has switched to conducting lessons via Zoom with the students at home.

EMILY HANEY, Journal Star

Journal Star Editorial Board

The COVID-19 landscape looked a lot like the days of Nebraska: ever-changing. And with each stumble or advancement, something new has been learned – whether to avoid or to accept – in the fight against the deadly virus.

We are armed with so much more information than a year or even a few months ago. This new data has given us a new perspective and a new opinion on everything, including the 2021-22 Lincoln Public Schools course offerings.

When Superintendent Steve Joel pitched the idea of ​​running full-time virtual classes for older students for another year last November, we endorsed the idea because it seemed like the safest option. At that time, Nebraska was going through its most difficult time with the virus, including November 20, when nearly 1,000 cases were recorded.

Six months later, more than half of the state has been vaccinated and the number of cases has dropped dramatically – so significantly, in fact, that Lincoln has chosen not to renew his directed health measure requiring the masks, crowd limits and social distancing.

A few days later, LPS announced that it was phasing out virtual classes in the fall due to changing circumstances. Once again, we endorse Joel’s decision to change direction while doing what’s best for the children in his care.

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