DVIDS – News – The commander of the volunteer brigade gives the philosophy and the priorities of the command

U.S. Army Col. Jason Baker, commander of the Georgia Army National Guard’s 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, took command on October 17, 2021. He did not It didn’t take long for him to provide the volunteer brigade with his command philosophy and priorities. .

Baker wrote a memorandum dated the same day he took command in which he established his top priorities: soldier and family readiness, leadership development and increased lethality.

The brigade operations section released Baker’s command philosophy in a weekly piecemeal order a few days later, on October 21, 2021. Shortly thereafter, Baker launched a social media campaign to communicate to the force his main priorities.

“We will take a multi-pronged informational approach to communicate relevant information to our soldiers and their families,” Baker said. “My intention for the combination of these communication measures is to ensure maximum availability and participation of soldiers in training by keeping them informed. “

Soldier and family readiness.

“The individual preparation of soldiers is the foundation of collective success,” said Baker.

In his philosophy, Baker emphasized that every soldier should treat himself with dignity and respect. Along with this, soldiers must maintain an environment that emphasizes safety and free from sexual harassment and assault.

Baker wants resilience to be an organizational characteristic. He intends to implement initiatives and resources to ensure the mental, physical and spiritual health of the soldier and his family.

By making readiness the primary task of the 48th IBCT, the brigade will be a dynamic and deployable force ready to defeat any adversary, anywhere, anytime, under any condition.

Leadership development.

“Leadership development ensures our long-term success and the future relevance of the brigade,” said Baker. “It is our professional responsibility to develop soldiers as leaders. “

Baker has stated his intention to develop leaders in his philosophy of creating competent and confident leaders who act decisively, complete missions, and care for soldiers and their families.

To do this, the leader’s development must be deliberate, continuous, sequential and incremental. Leader development will focus on goal setting and use troop leadership procedures to ensure that every operation is an opportunity for leader development.

Build lethality.

“Winning account,” Baker said. “Winning will be the 48th IBCT attitude and our standard of behavior. “

Baker emphasized the use of hard, realistic training to hone the fundamentals so that platoons and companies master their tasks and skills as a warrior.

The 48th IBCT is to apply training concepts not only to arms control and tactical operations, but also to digital systems and non-kinetic operations.

Baker ended his philosophy memorandum with an emphasis on trust.

“Confidence is the foundation of our profession. Trust will be our foundation, ”said Baker. “Nothing replaces trust. It is the glue that holds the teams together.

Baker believes that each of his command priorities builds, tests and builds confidence throughout the brigade. Trust is essential to enable effective mission command, mutual respect, shared understanding and common experience.

One of the ways Baker intends to build trust with his soldiers is by communicating through social media posts he calls “command posts.”

“Command Posts” are messages from Baker addressed directly to the Volunteer Brigade on events and topics of importance to him and the Brigade.

Baker also used social media to give his first address to the 48th IBCT where he explained his priorities, philosophy and enthusiasm for commanding the brigade.

“I am honored to be the senior officer of the brigade,” Baker said in his first social media post to the force. “I look forward to and welcome whatever comes our way and becomes part of our collective success. ”

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