DriverZ Continues Efforts to Limit Teen Road Deaths During National Teen Driving Safety Week

DriverZ, per IMPROVLearning, believes there’s no better time to call for a renewed focus on preventing teen driving fatalities than National Teen Driver Safety Week. Traffic crashes, deaths and injuries are at their highest levels in decades, according to NHTSA. DriverZ knows now is the time to rethink and reinvent the way we provide teen driver education to create more positive outcomes for everyone.

“Accidents, injuries and fatalities continue to rise, and the driver training industry has been slow to respond. There is no way to meet the needs of modern drivers with 50-year-old tools. “Our mission is to save lives by giving families tools to help them through the riskiest time in their teen’s driving journey,” said IMPROV CEO Gary Alexander. calling on new drivers, their parents, and driving schools nationwide to embrace the future of driver training with our unique suite of modernized products and courses.

DriverZ by IMPROVLearning

Built on the SPIDER Method to help develop safe driving muscle memory to detect and avoid hazards on the road, DriverZ’s SPIDER Driver’s Ed is a fully online course that combines neuroscience, Hollywood-level production and IMPROV’s decades as an industry leader in driver education to create a course that is as engaging and entertaining as it is educational.

“We believe that students learn best when they receive a dynamic and entertaining education,” continued Alexander. So we decided to create new tools and techniques. We believe results will improve nationwide when new drivers, their parents and local independent driving schools have access to these new means of driver training.

To bolster their efforts, the DriverZ team has been busy implementing two new initiatives. The first is to cultivate partnerships with local driving schools to bring SPIDER Driver’s Education to a wider audience. The second is the release of the DriverZ Driving Coach.

The Coach is a mobile application designed to help parents and their teenage drivers understand all aspects of their driving strengths and weaknesses. It measures driving performance on every trip and develops a safe driving profile over time. The Driving Coach uses this profile to deliver tailored training modules targeting areas for improvement. Additionally, it serves as a way to create a common understanding between parents and their teenage drivers on how to stay safe on the road, especially during the dangerous transition window from supervised to solo driving, in which 1 in 5 teenage drivers will likely be involved in an accident.

“The safe driving relationship and agreement between parents and their teens is among the most important factors in making drivers safer,” Alexander said. “The DriverZ Driving Coach aims to provide families with the tools and create an open driving dialogue, to keep teen drivers safe during the time when any driver is most likely to be involved in collisions, the first 6 months after receiving a driver’s license.”

About DriverZ by IMPROVLearning

Used by government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, major insurance companies and private driving schools, IMPROV’s online courses are offered in thirty-four states. Over the past 25 years, they have provided Teen Driver Education, Traffic School and Insurance Discount courses to over 4 million students.

For all things safe driving, new drivers and their parents can visit and find the DriverZ Virtual Coach in their mobile device app store. For more information on the coach, visit

Driving schools interested in becoming a Certified SPIDER Partner can learn more at


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