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Do you already have a project stuck in your mind? An idea so good can’t you stop thinking about it? Going through iterations, options, pros and cons in your mind, or maybe on paper, but haven’t yet put it through the hard work of turning it into reality? I’ve had one laying around for the past few weeks, and it’s time for me to start building.

And I have to start soon, because it’s rare that a project makes the leap from thought to reality unscathed, and when I cling too long to the project in thought, I become far too fond of certain details and nuances that might just not make the cut, or might get in the way of a first pass. When I really like a (theoretical) solution to a (theoretical) problem, I try to keep it working much longer than I should, and I can say that I’m attached to it now.

The only cure for this disease is to do prototyping. When the rubber touches the road and the bolts are tight, either the solution is good or it is not, and no dream will change that. Building is an excellent antidote to the siren song of a dream project. Although I now feel like I don’t want fantasy to have to adapt to reality, as it inevitably will, I know that making something work is much better. And that frees me to start dreaming about the next project… At the workshop!

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