Dr Judith Butler and Dr Cornel West appointed Presidential Visiting Scholars of the New School

Philosophers Dr. Judith Butler and Dr. Cornel West, Presidential Visiting Scholars 2021-22 of the New SchoolThe New School appointed eminent philosophers Drs. Judith Butler and Cornel West as this year’s first Presidential Visiting Scholars. They will both join the faculty of the New School for Social Research (NSSR) for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Butler, well known for her studies in gender theory, will be teaching an intensive graduate seminar in the fall semester of 2021. In the spring, West will be giving a public lecture as well as two open lectures to the New School community. In addition, he will have an open discussion with the graduate students in philosophy of the institution.

“We are honored to launch this important program with visionary scholars Judith Butler and Cornel West, who are renowned for constantly challenging the status quo, making them ideal selections as the New School’s first Presidential Visiting Scholars.” said Dr Dwight A. McBride, president of The New School.

West has written 20 books and edited 13, and he is particularly known for The race counts and Democracy matters. Butler is also the author of several highly regarded books, including Gender issue: feminism and identity subversion.

“Judith Butler and Cornel West are important and daring philosophical thinkers on issues of gender, race and social change, and we are very honored to welcome them to the New School for Social Research,” said Dr. William Milberg , dean and professor of economics. at the NSSR.

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