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One of the main allegations of the anti-CRT movement is that certain classes and school districts teach children that all white people are racist and that America is inherently racist.

But even here there is common ground.

While people on the left tend to perceive more racism in America than people on the right, many whites on the left and the right-wing agrees that their children should not be grappling with concerns about “white privilege” causing them to hate themselves or the country. In fact, the people who foster an energetic education about America’s racial past want our children to love America too – and love it enough to commit to making it even better.

The question that the majority of us should therefore ask ourselves is: How can we turn this controversial debate over critical race theory into a dialogue that actually helps society?

Reframing the debate

While the CRT debate has been touted as a toxic and alienating issue that turns school board meetings into boisterous conclaves where threats of violence are rife, it could create an opportunity for long-awaited conversations about the future. multicultural of America.

To achieve this, the first thing we need to do is move the conversation away from critical race theory, which is being deliberately renamed political strategy. So instead of talking about the definition of an ancient esoteric area of ​​legal scholarship that opponents are trying to redefine, we need to focus on a question that everyone is concerned about: what should we teach our children about race and racism?

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