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Don Overcash loves to fish

I have known Don Overcash for many years as a member of our church. He is a man of quality with common sense and clear and conservative values.

I appreciate his record in his efforts to help Loveland as a board member. He helped Loveland manage the dynamic changes affecting Loveland and all of Colorado. Growth is underway and is inevitable. Don asks and encourages the tough questions that need to be addressed, and he waits for fact-based answers.

I want Don to be our next mayor. He has a Conservative voting record, impressive business experience, fiscal responsibility and he loves to fish. We need this combination.

Bob boerger

Land of love

Will Thompson Schools Teach Critical Race Theory?

Maybe I missed it in the Reporter-Herald, but I haven’t seen a definitive statement from the Thompson School District as to whether Critical Race Theory will be taught to our children or not.

In Sunday’s article, school board member Barb Kruse repeatedly reiterated the importance of implementing the “fairness” policy they were working on.

Nowhere has Ms. Kruse defined what “fairness” means to her or to the Board. The general definition of fairness today means equality of results, not equality of opportunity. This does not mean that everyone is treated the same as they should be.

“Fairness” in concert with the CRT or a similar Marxist philosophy means that everyone is defined as an oppressor or an underdog. You are an oppressor if you are white, straight, conservative, male, Christian, or love America. You will be judged on the color of your skin and not on the content of your character.

Will our children learn that America’s founders, our republic, our capitalist system, our institutions and our way of life are filled with “systemic racism”, are therefore evil and must be destroyed?

Will our children learn that “white supremacy” is everywhere, including when you show your work in a math problem and find the right answer?

Will non-white children be told that assimilating into American culture and practices is wrong, even when these social norms appear neutral? For example, will some groups be told that they cannot be fast and that being on time is a sign of white supremacy?

Will some students be told that they have received undeserved privileges and that they will be humiliated or separated?

Will some students learn that it is impossible to define merit or excel in school since the system is rigged against them?

As Vice President Kamala Harris said, “Fair treatment means we all come together in one place. “

Jane muhlenbruch-yee

Land of love


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