Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor Mike Collier stops in Longview | Local News

Democrat Mike Collier shared his views on education, the power grid, property taxes and border security with a crowd of about 35 on Wednesday during a campaign stop at Heritage Plaza in Longview.

Collier takes on Republican incumbent Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick in the November election. Collier previously faced Patrick in 2018, losing by 5 percentage points.

“I made the decision to race Dan Patrick a second time because we were so close in 2018, and in particular we did really well in East and West Texas,” Collier said Wednesday. “In all the counties dominated by Republican politics, I got the most votes. It’s because people crossed over for me because they don’t like the work that Dan Patrick does.

Collier criticized the way Patrick responded to issues related to the power grid, property taxes and border security. He also criticized the state’s education system, saying there should be small class sizes, increased teacher salaries, and a more stable teacher pension system, among other issues.

“The main thing I want you to understand this morning in my remarks is that when you think about how the state affects people in their lives and what Democrats stand for, you find out pretty quickly that what we stand for is what the Texans defend. ,” he said. “We are not the fringe party. We are not ideological fanatics.

“We are the ones who want, for example, big public schools. We want big public schools because that’s where the students are, and we have a moral obligation to all of our young people – not just sons and daughters. daughters of the rich – but all of our young people need to have a great education so they can be good, productive citizens.

Patrick made a campaign stop Monday in Marshall.

Early voting is set for October 24 to November 4, and Election Day is November 8.

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