Dem Missouri Senate Candidate Flubs Trans Rights Position

One of two leading Democratic candidates, in a group of 11, vying to replace retired US Senator from Missouri Roy Blunt in November’s midterm elections, struggled to articulate his stance on transgender rights, gender-affirming care and the right-deceiving wing of critical race theory. Now, days before Missourians vote, her top Democratic primary opponent is lambasting her for it.

Trudy Busch Valentine was asked on Monday if she supports a law banning gender identity and sexual orientation education, The Kansas City Star reports.

In Florida, such teaching is banned in K-3 grades and restricted in higher grades, and opponents say it has a chilling effect. LGBTQ+ teachers may be afraid to come out or display pictures of their partners in the classroom because they may be fired or sued by parents.

Journalists posed a similar question to Busch Valentine in April, and she replied “later,” but as the Star pointed out, Monday came later, and she didn’t seem to have any answers.

She made an off-the-cuff reference to critical race theory, a theory about systemic racial injustice taught in law schools, which right-wing politicians say is wrongly taught in elementary and high schools to shame to white children.

“I think there’s so much out there, including critical race theory, that just tries to take away the history of our country and the good things we’ve done and the bad things we’ve done. did,” Busch Valentine told St Louis CBS affiliate KMOV.

She went on to say that she supports equality for all. “I think these are discussions between parents and their children, and I think we have to respect equal rights for everyone, and we have to respect the dignity of everyone,” she said.

She finally said she thought the matter should be left to the teachers.

A bizarre video posted on July 23 by a St. Louis ward committee member shows Busch Valentine grappling with his stance on transgender rights, raving and stumbling over his words.

“I respect the dignity of every human person. And transgender, I respect,” Busch Valentine says in the video. “If a man feels like a woman and wants to become a woman, I respect that. And I also respect him in the opposite direction. These are things that have to be resolved between families and between parents.

She then claimed that doctors should refrain from providing gender-affirming care to children until they are adults, which right-wing experts and politicians have argued.

“I would just say, wait until you’re 18, when a person is an adult, to do anything that doesn’t allow you to maybe go back to being the sex you were,” she said. “But I totally, totally support transgender without a doubt and the LGBT community.”

Gender-affirming care for young people typically consists of puberty blockers and hormone therapy, with most of the effects reversible, contrary to what anti-trans politicians claim. Genital surgery is not performed on minors.

She went on to describe the LGBTQ+ community as a community of love. “There is so much love in these communities. They should never be threatened for anything they have done. It’s about loving yourself and each other and everyone. she says.

In response to a request for an interview to discuss her positions on universal health care, critical race theory, transgender rights and gender-affirming care, Busch Valentine’s spokeswoman first said that she was not available but would answer written questions.

However, after receiving the lawyerit is questions, the Busch Valentine campaign sent a brief statement and declined to answer questions.

“Trudy Busch Valentine is a staunch ally of the LGBTQ community,” campaign manager Alex Witt wrote. “In the Senate, she will co-sponsor the Equality Act and fight to protect marriage equality because everyone, no matter who they love, should be treated the same under the law. Trudy also declared her commitment to banning conversion therapy and will oppose efforts to punish parents for helping their children access gender-affirming health care. When it comes to critical race theory, Trudy believes that every child should learn an accurate, age-appropriate education about our nation’s history.

Democratic Senate candidate Lucas Kunce said the lawyer that the words of Busch Valentine speak for themselves.

“I can’t speak for her, but I think she said what she believes,” he said.

Kunce, whose staff is one-third LGBTQ+ and has a younger brother who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, says he understands this constituency and Busch Valentine doesn’t.

“At first I thought she just seemed ignorant, then it seemed like maybe she didn’t care to know, but it became a pattern,” Kunce said.

He doesn’t believe it’s ignorance on Busch Valentine’s part that keeps him from speaking comfortably about LGBTQ+ issues, he said.

“I don’t think she thinks young people should be getting gender-affirming care and…I think it’s dangerous to neglect a third of our young trans people who are at risk of losing that care,” he said. for follow-up.

“We need to have senators who are willing to fight for that care,” Kunce said.

As Missouri’s conservative legislature appears poised to curtail LGBTQ+ rights, he said federal protections are the bulwark that stands between LGBTQ+ rights and Republican attacks.

Laws passed in GOP-controlled states across the country have targeted transgender youth. These laws restrict their participation in sports, the use of restrooms and medical care.

Kunce went viral last week after tweeting about young US Senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley, who was shown during the January 6 select committee hearings fleeing crowds invading the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, after lifting the fist in solidarity with the insurgents earlier in the day.

With the Democratic primary less than a week away, Busch Valentine appears to be trying to strike a balance between placating the LGBTQ+ community and appealing to conservative voters.

As his family owned a majority stake in Anheuser-Busch, which was sold for 52 billion dollars to InBev in 2008, Busch Valentine is the heir to a fortune of several billion dollars. Forbes magazine valued the family’s wealth in 2020 at $17.6 billion, ranking the family 16th in the nation.

She is worth $215 million and has an annual income of $30 million, according to federal disclosures she made and reported by the Missouri Independent.

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