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It is this time of year again for the Harvest Festival and the Livestock Fair.

Eating, rinsing, brushing and exercising / walking are essential parts of the life of the show. This homework can make or break a youngster’s experience in the show ring. And while it’s not glamorous or always fun, doing chores can make a young person a significant contributor to their family and boost their self-esteem.

Spending more time drying a goat’s hair so it doesn’t get cold and sick or going to the barn at dusk to turn on heat lamps and check pigs are chores that teach children to function independently in the outside world.

Hundreds of local youth prepare their minds and animals for the Harvest Festival & Livestock Show. Many remember last year, although we had to adapt and change with the guidelines and restrictions, the show continued. Well this year he will be back at Longview at Maude Cobb and the breeding park.

County shows, such as this week’s Harvest Festival and Livestock Show, give 4-H and FFA members the opportunity to learn responsibility and dedication. Young people today are four generations removed from farming and therefore do not understand the importance of farming and how it affects their daily lives.

The annual event began in 1975. The Harvest Festival strives to provide today’s youth with educational aspects across all project areas such as animal husbandry, agricultural mechanics and home economics projects. .

At the end of each day, a young animal showing off the cattle learns essential skills not only in caring for a live animal, but in maintaining a sense of routine, discipline and project completion that l ‘we do not find in any other type of competition. Showing cattle certainly teaches responsibility.

Through all of this learning and dedication comes time, responsibility and record keeping so that they have an accurate record of the cost of making said project happen – through the materials to be built, the dishes to be created or made. host these projects. Also taking into account the diet and health care for these animals. It’s a huge undertaking and the participants are up to the challenge.

Show season is the best season and we want to experience it with you. So don’t forget to come and support the young people during the show but also during the Auction of Champions, where participants will showcase all their hard work and dedication.

Timetable for the Harvest Festival and the Livestock Fair


• 8:30 am: Weighing / buffer / rabbit show


• 9 am: pig show

• 10 a.m .: Home economics judgment

• 12:30 p.m .: Rotisserie / sieve to grill / recording / show


• 8:30 am: lamb show followed by a goat show

• 2 p.m .: Steers market


• 6:30 am to 7:30 am: registration of future steers and heifers

• 8:30 am: Heifer jackpot show, followed by future steers

• 5 p.m .: Sale of champions

– Shaniqua Davis is the Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Officer for Gregg County. Email: [email protected]

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