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For centuries, Western scientists were fairly certain that Newtonian physics accurately described how galaxies worked. But at the start of the 20th century they started to rethink that and when they did the math they discovered that there was not enough immobilized mass in the planets and stars to account for the gravity needed to prevent them. to fly away.

Some thought that if Newtonian laws were changed slightly everything would work out, but the majority did not feel comfortable with the idea. Others believed that there might be so much mass in the brown dwarfs left behind by the scorched stars that they would provide the necessary mass required, but this idea is also not considered probable. The most popular idea is that there is some sort of as yet undiscovered element that gives the necessary mass.

In 1998, the Hubble Telescope showed that the universe was accelerating its expansion rather than slowing down and eventually coming together as predicted by the big bang theory. Since it takes energy to pull everything apart, the idea was that the energy would be depleted and gravity would cause everything to fall back into place. This is apparently not the case and scientists admit that there is more they don’t know.

It’s like that with really smart people, they admit they don’t know something rather than apologize and lie. If they think the case is worth it, they invest the time and effort to find out the truth. This is how they get smart.

The term used to describe the mass that holds everything together is called dark matter. The term used to describe the force that pulls everything away is called dark energy. Scientists concluded that the universe is made up of 68% dark energy, 27% dark matter, and only 5% normal matter (though 5% can be considered normal).

Interestingly, Western anthropomorphic religion is in constant conflict with Western science, but Eastern spiritual philosophy asserts that these findings are all evidence of how spiritual principles work. Everything from atoms to evolution is covered by this philosophy and has been a part of this ancient wisdom for thousands of years before the West came to these realizations.

But there is one aspect that Eastern spiritual philosophy disagrees with and that is the approach. For the Western scientist, matter is absolutely real in itself and energy comes from it while the mind is a by-product of both. In Eastern philosophy, the mind is the only reality, but because we have nothing to compare it with, it is unknowable. Spirit is said to manifest through three great spiritual principles which are described in descending vibrational order as universal mind, universal energy, and universal matter. These three principles work together and give us what we experience in this world.

Philosophy continues to predict that the technologically advanced West will eventually converge with the spiritual philosophy of the East and that the modern human world will experience peace and understanding like never before.

Dennis Miller lives in the Shade River State Forest in Meigs County, Ohio.

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