CSR initiative will provide students in government schools in Gujarat with free online access to local language lessons

Everest Kanto Cylinders (EKC), India’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure gas cylinders, today announced the company’s CSR initiative to provide free online access to curriculum-related educational content for students in public schools in Gujarat.
The CSR program, designed and delivered by ConnectEd Technologies, an EdTech social enterprise, aims to provide quality vernacular educational content to public school students, with the aim of improving learning outcomes, especially during the Covid pandemic. -19 in progress.
Under the program, more than 7,500 public school students under the Kutch district administration will benefit from free online access to a web and mobile application platform. The platform contains quality educational content in local languages, which is in line with Gujarat State Council curriculum, and can be accessed online or downloaded to device for later viewing. Initially, the initiative aims to benefit 9th and 10th graders in schools located in the Gandhidham block of Kutch. Subsequently, the initiative will be extended to students in other classes and regions of Gujarat.
During the announcement, Dr BN Prajapati, District Education Officer (DEO) – Kutch, Gujarat, said, “The recent increase in Covid-19 cases has resulted in the closure of schools across Gujarat. Under such circumstances, public schools and their students need a parallel digital framework through which quality education could be served to the government. Students. It gives me great pleasure to announce this initiative for our entire government. Students. We are grateful to Everest Kanto Cylinders (EKC) and hope that more organizations will come forward to support this initiative and ensure that it benefits all students in Gujarat.
Commenting on the announcement, Pushkar Khurana, Chairman and Puneet Khurana, Managing Director, said, “At Everest Kanto Cylinder Limited (EKC), we have always believed in working for the benefit of our surrounding communities. While mounting our social response to those affected by the pandemic, we felt it necessary to support a program that provides quality education to students in public schools, at a time when schools are closed. We are pleased to see the response from government authorities and grassroots educators, and hope that this initiative will improve the learning outcomes and academic performance of public school students. »
Lavin Mirchandani and Lehar Tawde, co-founders of ConnectEd Technologies, added: “The entry of the Omicron variant of Covid-19, coupled with a rapid increase in cases, has led to the closure of public schools across India. This situation highlights the need for a digital approach that makes quality education in regional languages ​​accessible to students in public schools. We have been working towards this since 2020 and are pleased with our association with Everest Kanto Cylinders (EKC), which marks our foray into Gujarat. We hope to expand our presence with the support of the authorities, EKC India and other organisations.
During this initiative, ConnectEd Technologies will coordinate with public schools to educate parents and students on the platform, where they can access curriculum-related educational content for free, using any device and connectivity available to them. In addition, the EdTech company will provide school teachers with valuable statistics on each student’s content consumption, allowing them to push parents and students to achieve learning goals set by the school. Currently, ConnectEd Technologies has rolled out such programs in 8 Indian states.

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