Critics Say Ban on Funding “Critical Race Theory” Teaching Could Affect Other Problems | Local News

“I have seen firsthand public funds spent to train hundreds of board members and (school) staff across the state on the disgusting racist ideology called Critical Race Theory,” Shelli Boggs , Board Member of the East Valley Institute of Technology. , said in a prepared statement.

And Phoenix City Council member Sal DiCiccio said his town has several programs like this, though they don’t use the term “critical race theory.”

“Worse, it’s not just the employees who are brainwashed with this garbage,” DiCiccio said in his statement, saying there were elements in the city’s climate action plan and other programs.

Ducey, signing the measure on Friday, said the use of public funds for what he called “political commentary” is not responsible.

“I am not going to waste public money on lessons that involve the superiority of any race and hinder freedom of speech,” he said. The governor expressed the same sentiments about a similar provision, buried in a budget bill he signed earlier, that imposes fines of up to $ 5,000 on schools with similar teachings.

Quezada, for his part, said the prejudice of the new law “perpetuates the narrative that they are trying to push forward at this time.”

“This account is, firstly, that any kind of training that tackles difficult problems, difficult subjects is a bad thing, and, second, that while that is not exactly what it is, this critical theory of race as a concept is a bad thing, ” he said.

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