Create your own future in a collaborative culture of performing arts

Get ready for your behind-the-scenes career with the Adelaide College of the Arts Live Production and Technical Services Diploma at TAFE SA.

Create your own future in a collaborative culture of performing arts

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Dr Diana Carroll

Monday, May 24, 2021

A successful career in the entertainment industry isn’t just about being in the spotlight. For every film, theater and TV production, there is a team of creatives and technical specialists behind the scenes who make it happen.

At TAFE SA’s Adelaide College of the Arts (AC Arts), you will learn these essential skills from experienced industry professionals and gain hands-on experience using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities while studying the Diploma in live production and technical services.


“The most distinctive feature of the course is the way it simulates industry conditions where students learn about live productions by working alongside top industry directors and choreographers,” said the production professor. technique Casey Van Sebille.

Graduate students gain hands-on experience facilitating productions for the dance and theater departments of AC Arts, the leading center for higher arts education in Adelaide.

“ Our students have multiple opportunities to be set, costume and prop designers during shows or to take on leadership roles as stage manager or assistant stage manager, construction team leaders , scenic art masters and master of props. And in technical theater, they can design and operate all aspects of the lighting, sound, vision and staging of our productions, ”said Van Sebille.

Mastering these valuable skills in live production prepares students for careers in the entertainment industries. Individual students are always encouraged to pursue their own creative passions and build on their existing skills and interests.

“If you want to work behind the scenes in the exciting and creative world of theater, film or television, this course can help you achieve your career goals. Behind every show there is a team of people who build sets, make props, design lighting, create costumes, perform audio, change visions, call out clues and manage the stage, ”said Van Sebille.

Live production and technical services diploma graduates are recognized by the industry as having a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge as well as the specialized creative, technical or managerial skills necessary to plan and produce shows, events and exhibitions.

Key topics of the degree include the skills required to get in and out of a show, lead and manage teams, and understand all relevant security and compliance issues. A wide range of elective subjects are offered, including costume and set design; sound design and planning; specialized lighting; sound mixing and stage management. And students don’t just learn theory in classrooms – it’s hands-on training that simulates the real work environment.

“The course differs from others by being taught in the rich collaborative culture of performing arts. Weekly production meetings allow participants from all disciplines to discuss the development of the shows. The students work in vertically integrated teams on standard professional broadcasts, ”explained Van Sebille.

“Live production training requires an understanding of where individual specializations fit into the bigger picture. Students learn about the mutual interdependence of all participants and disciplines. The lessons are practical and comprehensive! ‘

“People who can think on their feet are really going to find a place in this industry.
Technical production speaker Casey Van Sebille.

Graduates can work in a range of creative and entertainment industries. Van Sebille is proud to recognize that almost all live performance events and major performing arts companies in Adelaide employ course graduates. Many have established very successful careers and are working on big projects, such as prop master Marshall Tearl who has worked on films including Mortal combat and Mumbai Hotel. Set designer Kate Rawlins is another graduate school graduate who has found her home working on big budget films such as Peter Rabbit 2. She is currently working on Marvel’s Thor: love and thunder, currently in production in Sydney, alongside a number of other graduates.

The professional success of AC Arts students is verified by the 2019 NCVER National Student Outcomes Survey, which showed that 88% of TAFESA students have found employment or enrolled in further education when they graduated.

The 12-month degree can be studied full-time or part-time, to suit students’ personal and professional lives, and the costs may be eligible for grants through JobTrainer funding or the government of South Australia Subsidized training initiative.

Van Sebille is optimistic about future opportunities for graduates: “I think we will see a proliferation of specializations. People who can think on their feet are really going to find a place in this industry.

Applications are now open via the TAFE SA website for the start of semester 2; there is no charge to apply.

“Candidates for the diploma generally need to have behind-the-scenes work experience or hold a III and / or IV certificate in live production and technical services to be admitted,” Van Sebille said.

Apply before July 3 to start your Diploma in live production and technical services end of July.

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