Conroe ISD Parents Bring Critical Race Theory to Board of Directors

Cathie Locetta, a resident of the area, speaks out against critical breed theory at a Conroe ISD board meeting. (Screenshot via YouTube)

Parents of Conroe ISD expressed concern to the board at a May 18 meeting about critical breed theory, which the district says is not on its agenda.

CISD Director of Communications Sarah Blakelock said critical race theory is not taught at CISD.

“Conroe ISD teaches state-mandated essential Texas knowledge and skills,” Blakelock said in an email following the meeting. “These standards can be viewed on the Texas Education Agency website.”

Critical Race Theory involves the idea that law and legal institutions are inherently racist, and that race itself is a socially constructed concept used by whites to promote white supremacy at the expense of people of color.

A total of 20 people registered to speak at the meeting, more than a dozen of whom spoke on the topic.

Among the public comments at the meeting was Cathie Locetta, who said she hoped the theory would not be taught at CISD.

“CRT is an agenda-driven philosophy, and it has no place in Texas or in American classrooms,” Locetta said.

Another speaker, Matthew Russel, said he believes theory teaches people to hate.

“It dehumanizes people just based on the color of their skin, and that’s it,” Russell said. “We cannot teach our children to hate. We must teach our children to love and to come together. Don’t wait for Gov. [Greg] Abbott to pass a bill … do it here. We want to see leadership from you. “

CISD isn’t the only school in the Greater Houston area to discuss critical race theory in recent months. In February, Clear Creek ISD changed its policies to effectively ban the theory from being taught in its classrooms.

No action was taken on public comment as this item was not on the board’s agenda for the meeting.

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