Condoleeza Rice Spreads Mistaken Information About Critical Race Theory on “The View”

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THEThe daytime talk show “The View” continues to be a reckless platform with misinformed analyzes and poor framing of important issues. In a recent episode featuring former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, the panel discusses critical race theory in the Virginia governor’s race. From Whoopi Goldberg’s opening framing to how it is simply an issue of worried parents trying to get involved, the conversation turns into a dishonest framing of a fabricated issue meant to cause frenzy of parents. conservative voters.

To be clear, if your child is learning Critical Race Theory, they are in college or law school. Corn Rice responds with a mix of personal testimonials and bootstrap comments about being a little black kid in the isolated South. Rice then sprinkled in a few conservative talking points about not wanting white children to feel bad, as she failed to understand how the very story she lived would be left out of class if some groups had what they wanted.

Even though Rice says she wants black children to feel empowered and doesn’t want white children to feel bad, she glosses over the fact that white parents claim their children feel bad are basic truths. Texas is one of many states that have used a crusade against critical race theory to attack and ban education in a way that addresses systemic issues, including racism.

Now, as an academic, she may disagree with legal theory, but claiming that people are taking their children out of school to avoid critical race theory is fueling education misinformation. Allowing this conversation for the sole purpose of hearing “both sides” to appease their conservative audience, “The View” plays into the hands of conservative disinformation networks applauding their continuation of their agenda on such a large mainstream platform.

For the casual listener, maybe there is nothing wrong with this conversation. But this is where the problem lies. Standardizing talking points intended to undermine advancement while engaging in intellectually dishonest commentary only emboldens groups that engage in dishonesty.

The black principal of Colleyville Heritage High School was targeted by parents for participating in a district-approved diversity program, photos of him and his white wife and an email he wrote about the persistent problems of systemic racism. There are horrible truths that endure in the world, and while some people may wish to hide from them, it does children a disservice to pretend everything is fine.

The new law also led another Texas administrator to require teachers to teach “both sides” of the Holocaust. What other view of the extermination of millions of people is acceptable for teaching?

Rice’s response also fails to recognize the coordinated effort by conservative interests to subvert the education system. Like the Tea Party, these efforts are in many cases coordinated and intentional to disrupt the progress of society.

As previously reported by NBC, the real motivation behind anti-critical racial theory efforts is to dismantle diversity and equity programs within public education. Textbooks obtained by NBC show that national groups organize people to believe that Critical Race Theory is the coding language for a host of common phrases and practices about creating a more equitable society.

And yes, parents should be involved in the education and well-being of their children. But parents who show up at school board meetings shouting about critical race theory are not doing so to protect children. It’s about protecting white supremacy and a way of existing that centers their comfort.

So much of the emphasis is on not making white students feel bad, but what about blacks and other colored children who may feel bad through direct or indirect references to their value in all subjects?

As a parent whose child has been “sold” into slavery to earn more money and earn taxes in a failed triangular trading exercise, there is real trauma in having to deal with lessons that make children “feel bad”. Program choices and activities that harm children and do not provide them with the space to discuss difficult concepts should be avoided.

People like Rice also never have anything to say about racist teaching practices and lessons, like the recently suspended math teacher for the very offensive mockery of what she assumed was Indigenous culture. Teachers say and do things that make black students and other students of color, disabled and gay students feel powerless all the time, yet Rice and others focus on a problem that doesn’t exist.

“The View” needs to be less concerned with appeasing feelings and doing a better job of framing meaningful conversations with real consequences.

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