Coca-Cola unveils new platform and brand philosophy in Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya, October 30 – The Coca-Cola System in Kenya today unveiled the Real Magic brand philosophy and platform that invites everyone to celebrate the true magic of humanity.

The Real Magic platform includes a new graphic identity for the Coke brand which includes Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light / Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar anchored by a new expression of the Coca-Cola logo. The Hug logo is inspired by its depiction on the iconic Coca-Cola packaging and lifts the curved Coca-Cola branding on the labels of bottles and cans to provide a visual signature that will encompass and frame moments of magic within. Coca-Cola communications.

“Real Magic brings a visual presentation of the history of the Coca-Cola brand and is a way to embrace extraordinary moments every day that help make the world we live in a better place. It encompasses all the elements of the Coca-Cola brand. As part of our global strategy, Real Magic invites consumers to celebrate the magical moments of humanity every day, ”said Debra Mallowah, Coca-Cola Franchise Vice President for East and Central Africa.

As part of the Real Magic campaign, Coca-Cola will organize various activities aimed at engaging consumers, especially during the holiday season. There will be shopping mall activations, discounts and product deals leading up to the iconic big festive season that will culminate with the best festive celebration ever which will feature a colorful Christmas caravan at select locations in across the country.

“We are delighted to be the first market in Africa to launch and deploy the Real Magic philosophy and platform and to introduce the new logo into our products and communication. We want to put consumers in a festive mood with exciting activities that will allow us to bring out the best of real magical moments in everyday situations, ”said Isabelle Kariuki-Rostom, Front Line Marketing Director, Coca-Franchise. Cola East and Central Africa.

The platform refreshes the brand’s brand promise – to unite and uplift people every day – with renewed relevance to the world we live in today. The platform is built on the lessons of the past 18 months: that we can find magic all around us when we come together in unexpected moments that elevate everyday life to the extraordinary. It also recognizes the many contradictions experienced as new generations find harmony and human connection in a virtual and divided world.

The real magic will be a long-term brand philosophy and belief that guides and guides marketing and communications across the Coca-Cola brand.

“If you look at most of the campaigns we’ve launched around the world, our mission has been very consistent and clear, to spread happiness and bring joy to our consumers. We believe that the brand’s new philosophy will resonate with our consumers around the world; that we can all experience real magic in real moments when we come together. The goal of this campaign is to provide a simple and intuitive navigation system that covers all Coca-Cola variants, while simultaneously celebrating the Coca-Cola logo, ”said Diego Recalde, Vice President of Marketing, Coca Business Unit. -Cola Africa.

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