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Colorado must phase out oil and gas

The recent two-year anniversary of the Calwood Fire, the largest wildfire in Boulder County history, is a reminder of its devastation. Clearly, Colorado’s wildfires are getting bigger and faster, with the 20 worst wildfires all occurring since 2000. Historically, fires have dwindled and sunk with Colorado’s seasons, but burning continues to Fossil fuels are creating hotter, drier conditions, making Colorado wildfires more widespread across the country. the year.

For the past several years, Colorado has been ground zero for climate change. Extreme heat, extreme drought and extreme fires existentially threaten people’s health, safety and future. Colorado has a “green” image, even though it is one of the largest producers of fractured oil and gas in the United States. oil and gas, showing emissions figures associated with both combustion and production. Oil and gas fracking is a significant source of global heat emissions, exacerbating the state’s climate crisis.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change last year, there is “strong confidence” that human-influenced temperature rises are a direct cause of the extended season. wildfires, increasing drought and decreasing rainfall in the southwestern United States. And, a poll released by Colorado College in February of this year indicates that 82% of Colorado residents consider climate change a serious problem, with 98% saying wildfires are a serious problem.

The Polis administration must acknowledge the role of oil and gas fracking in impacting the climate. Governor Polis is expected to phase out all new oil and gas fracking permits by 2030, building a future powered by good union jobs and renewable energy.

Tom Stumpf, Longmont

The liberal left has hijacked the Democratic Party

The current Democratic leadership of the state has proven to follow what the national party has mandated, which is rapidly leading us to destruction.

Inflation? Yes. Blame it on the oil companies? No. It’s the fault of our government spending, shutting down oil production, pipelines and refining capacity. There is a freeze on oil leasing, oil withdrawal from reserves, disruption of supply chains and fertilizer production. They imposed compulsory vaccination on truckers and workers. Family businesses closed due to illegal mandate.

The Democratic Party of my youth was hijacked by a liberal left. We need balance like an airplane needs both a right wing and a left wing. The Pledge of Allegiance is not taught in all of our schools but is replaced by other allegiances. These hijackers have divided us with critical race theory in our military, our academies and our public schools. Children are approached with gender nonsense. The parents are branded as domestic terrorists.

This is all covered up by the media, which will cancel you out, playing cat and mouse with the truth to unsettle the public. So I encourage you to vote for Tara Menza, Marshall Dawson, Joe O’Dea, Heidi Ganahl. This will bring us towards balance.

Lee Quaitance, Longmont

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