Clear Creek ISD Superintendent Eric Williams addresses critical racial theory claims

Clear Creek ISD Superintendent Eric Williams addressed a group of parents and community members who called for his resignation at Monday’s board meeting.

“Our focus is not on critical race theory,” Williams reiterated after overhearing the audience at the meeting, addressing the crowd. “It’s not in our curriculum or in our educational resources.”

About a dozen teachers and parents spoke out in support of Williams’ work and the district’s efforts.

However, four people who spoke during the public comments at the meeting accused Williams, the district and the board of “brainwashing” students with the so-called Critical Race Theory. A group of about 10 other people supported the group’s feelings with applause.

Joshua Foxworth, a parent in the district, and others cited a recent article by the right-wing opinion site Daily Caller about concerns from some Conservatives that Williams is implementing the CRT in the district, an allegation that the apparently followed from his old school district in Loudoun County, Virginia.

“I would suggest … (instituting) some form of punishment for teachers or principals who authorize (CRT teaching),” he said.

A speaker who complained about Williams and the district also raised concerns over alleged local voter fraud.

Long-time district teacher Nancy Hough was among those who expressed support for what Williams has done in the district in the 10 months since he began his role.

“I want to thank the board for hiring this amazing superintendent,” she said.

David Smith, a community member, said he would support the district by teaching anti-racism.

“Most Americans today know that racism is still a problem,” he said. “Last year over 20 million people marched to demand justice for George Floyd.”

Other speakers expressed the same sentiment, saying that while the district does not currently teach CRT, they would support more lessons on systemic racism.

Speaking to those who elevated Williams’ time in Loudoun County public schools, the superintendent asked parents to judge him on his performance at Clear Creek.

“Loudoun County is not CCISD and (Virginia) is not Texas,” he said. “I have no doubts that you will find that I am relentless in maximizing student success and growth. “

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