“Cholo’s philosophy is perfect for Atleti, because their fans are not that demanding”

the Atlético de Madrid it was the last club he played for Bernardo Schuster at Spain. For this reason, he has always looked with particular affection on the team that until 2017 lived on the banks of the Manzanares. The German coach spoke on Super Deportivo Radio de Argentina in the broadcast of Emiliano Nunia give your opinion on the rojiblanca scene on the bench Diego Pablo Simeone.

Schuster first recognized the merit he has. “You must first take off your hat with what you are doing in the Atlético de Madrid. The truth is, I didn’t expect him to do what he does. Today in Europe It doesn’t happen that there is a coach who coaches a team for so long and succeeds. It was totally lost ”.

He went on to explain why Cholo triumphs in the mattress team. Something he’s convinced couldn’t happen in two other teams he’s played in, like Real Madrid or Barcelona. “Simeone and the Atlético de Madrid they are a perfect match. They got married there, and they’ll last as long as they want. The second is that the philosophy of Cholo it’s perfect for Atlético de Madrid. Its amateurs are not as demanding of their palate as they do of the Barcelona Yes real Madrid and they are much more thankful when they see their team sweat, sweat, run, etc. They don’t mind the way they play. Maybe for me or for many it is not the football that we love the most, but it has to be respected because in football you can win and be successful anyway. We can not say: I do not like Cholo, whatever, he was champion of the league and many achievements on several occasions ”.

Simeone and Atlético make a perfect couple. There they got married, and they will last as long as they want

Lastly, Bernardo Schuster revealed some confidences of the leaders of the club which now resides in jambs. “I know the bosses of Atlético a lot and when we talk about Simeone, they say to me” It’s us, which gives Simeone that’s what Atlético is ””.

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