Chinese students greeted with “Grandpa Xi Jinping’s thought” in classrooms, World News

They say children should learn all the essentials from elementary level. While experts generally speak of basic etiquette and morals, China has interpreted this as a teaching of the basics of “socialism.”

As Chinese students returned to school on Wednesday, they were introduced to new textbooks that have “Xi Jinping Thought.” The new textbooks are an attempt by the Communist Party to shape the minds of small children so that local schools produce patriots.

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“Grandpa Xi Jinping is very busy with work, but no matter how busy he is, he always joins our business and cares about our growth,” one textbook read.

Public school teachers have been instructed to “sow the seeds of the love of the holiday, of the country and of socialism in the hearts of young people,” a government notice regarding the new educated school curriculum. The Education Ministry introduced “Xi Jinping Thought” to “cultivate the builders and successors of socialism with an overall moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic basis,” the ministry said.

Some quotes from Chinese President Xi Jinping and pictures of his smiling faces have been placed in the textbooks. In addition to this, elementary school students will also receive lessons on the achievements of Chinese civilization, the work of the Communist Party in alleviating poverty, and the party’s struggle against the coronavirus pandemic.


The new “Xi Jinping Thought” includes 14 principles that will promote communist ideals. The Communist Party hopes for “complete and profound reform” while motivating children to develop new ideas. He will also underline the importance of “one country two systems” and of reunification with the mother country “.

However, China also claims that the new system will be an “extensive rollout” that will be distributed among different levels of education.

“Primary schools will focus on cultivating love for the country, the Chinese Communist Party and socialism. In colleges, the emphasis will be on a combination of perceptual experience and the study of knowledge, to help students form basic political judgments and opinions. China’s spokesperson Global Times reported. “In college, there will be more emphasis on establishing theoretical thinking.”

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