Chaos erupts over critical race theory at Virginia school board meeting – NBC4 Washington

Another local school board meeting unfolded with parents yelling at each other and security and police emptying the hall on Wednesday night.

Those challenging their belief that critical racial theory is taught in schools spoke out at the Prince William County School Board meeting on Wednesday evening.

There were no arrests or injuries, but Prince William County School Board Chairman Babur Lateef said they cleaned the room to prevent a scuffle.

“The fact that I have to worry about someone getting hurt at a school board meeting is ridiculous, and everyone in the country should be ashamed of it,” Lateef said.

NBC News recently analyzed more than 30 school districts nationwide that have faced bitterness over racial equity issues and found that all of them have less white student populations.

“The CRT has now become the new issue that people think they can rally around to accomplish a certain political agenda,” Lateef said.

He said Prince William County public schools had never taught critical race theory.

The subject was not on the meeting’s agenda.

Vaccine requirements for school staff were the order of the day, and they were adopted. Staff must be fully immunized by November 1 or submit negative COVID-19 tests weekly.

“Our goals are to reduce the quarantine days for all faculty, staff and teachers, and we believe this is the best way to do it,” Lateef said.

Ensuring the safety of students, teachers and the school is the board’s top priority at this time.

Lateef said it was hampered when parents went wild at public meetings.

The Prince William County School Board has also changed its public consultation rules to allow more time for people to address the board, but it is also reserving half that time for matters the board is discussing that evening.

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