Changes in the new political philosophy of Gujarat, according to Bhupender Yadav

The CHANGE of custody in the BJP-led states was intended to uplift the next generation of rulers, and the complete overhaul of the government of Gujarat was a collective decision by the state and central leadership, the minister said. Union and General Secretary of Bhupender Yadav Party at an Idea Exchange Session of The Indian Express.

While a new set of leaders would take over from the government, the seniors would work for the party ahead of the Gujarat assembly elections slated for late next year, Yadav said, calling it “a new political philosophy. “which sets a model for other parties and strengthens democracy.

“You can see the change from many angles – the change can be due to instability and for consistency it can be for crisis management or for capacity building. You also have to see change with objectivity, ”said the top leader, who has overseen several elections for the party. “Set the maximum age at 75 (to hold a position) and be careful to give positions to family members of leaders, etc.” are part of that, and every party has to make such decisions from time to time, ”he added, while denying that the changes in Gujarat were caused by the perception of mismanagement during the second wave of Covid.

With Narendra Modi’s government often accused of consolidating power at the Center, including sidelining its own regional leaders, Yadav said the prime minister believed in “national ambition and regional aspiration”. Speaking against the background of the BJP NPP ally, led by Conrad Sangma, deciding to contest all seats in the upcoming elections in Manipur, Yadav said Modi supported strengthening regional powers and leadership. Yadav has been appointed BJP Election Officer for Manipur. elections.

Distinguishing the reshuffles of the BJP from those of Congress, most recently in the Punjab where he replaced Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, Yadav declared: “In Congress, in Bihar from 1977 to 1990, every eight to nine months, the CM has been changed. But our change is different. We have been in power in Gujarat for a long time, so some top leaders had been ministers for a long time. They decided to give the opportunity to new faces. The whole Council of Ministers decided to work for the organization and to go to the elections with new faces in the government.

However, Yadav said, this did not mean that the party would implement similar changes in other states like Madhya Pradesh, claiming that he believed in “change on the basis of self-awareness” and that it was not “an enforcement agency”.

On the new WHO air quality guidelines, which are more stringent than before, Yadav, who owns the Environment portfolio, said: “These are just suggestions. They themselves have declared that these are not binding… (However) I would like to inform you that even before the guidelines arrived, we had set up an IIT-Kanpur study committee to examine the issue. and await their report. ”

On whether or not the climate targets India had set under the Paris Agreement would be raised or not before the COP 26 conference in Glasgow, Yadav said that was a decision that would be made. “at the highest level”. “There are two problems: the first is to improve the existing goals, the second is to achieve those goals. At the end of the day, are we reducing the carbon emissions that exist in the world holistically? We have already achieved many of these goals.

Asked about recurring criticism of the Environment Ministry and its committees for diverting forest land for infrastructure development, the minister said this was done to help the poor and tribals living in the area. “If (some land) has been diverted, what’s the problem? And who is this diversion for? It is done so that the poor and the tribes who live in this area receive electricity … so that the roads reach them. This is the only reason forest land is being diverted, for no other reason. And even those decisions are carefully scrutinized, ”he said.

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