Theoretical Work

Pre-feasibility study aimed at advancing CO2 capture

REGINA, Saskatchewan, June 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Amplifying the impact of emission reductions through carbon capture and storage (CCS) is at the center of a new pre-feasibility study exploring the application potential of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture from 750 megawatt coal-fired power stations. This project is part of a …

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When the masks reveal | MIT News

A Covid-19 mask is generally considered a form of protection. But what if our masks became opportunities for exposure – the physical expression of our thoughts, concerns, and how we relate to the turmoil of the outside world? This was the challenge faced by undergraduates at MIT tasked with designing …

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Antimatter stars could be hiding in our galaxy

antimatter: Molecules made up of atoms made up of antiprotons, antineutrons and positrons. astronomer: A scientist who works in the field of research that deals with celestial objects, space and the physical universe. astrophysics: An area of ​​astronomy that deals with understanding the physical nature of stars and other objects …

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