Theoretical Work

Humanities Welcomes New Professors and Staff

New Faculty Josefina Bittar, Assistant Professor, Languages ​​and Applied Linguistics Josefina bittar got his doctorate. in Linguistics at the University of New Mexico. After earning her BA in Spanish Language and Literature from the Universidad Nacional de Asunción (Paraguay), she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to earn an MA in …

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Why classic risk management models don’t work

To show the fallacy of the “normal”, we have studied the behavior of the EURUSD between 2010 and 2021. By Jamal Mecklai Classic risk management models assume that currency pairs follow (or closely follow) a normal distribution, where daily returns are evenly distributed around the mean, which in the “normal” …

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From Marx to Gandhi: the political world of JP

The genesis of Jayaprakash (JP) Narayan’s passionate pursuit of freedom and a just and fair order can be traced to the political and philosophical spirit of his years of study in the United States (United States), starting at the University of California at Berkeley and later at the University of …

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