Football according to Juan Mata

FOOTBALL PHILOSOPHY “I’ve always seen the essence of football the same way, mainly what I learned from my dad, but you have to be able to adapt. That’s the key. If you live in those times and that the way football evolves, then you either adapt and change and modernize …

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Egnor discusses materialism with the philosopher of science David Papineau

Photo credit: David Matos via Unsplash. Philosopher neurosurgeon Michael Egnor accepted a rather interesting invitation to debate from science philosopher David Papineau on “consciousness and the brain”. It was particularly interesting because the YouTube program, Theology unleashed – “Where Eastern theology meets Western skepticism” – clearly has a Hindu origin. …

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Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study Announces 2021-2022 Class of Undergraduate Research Fellowships | News | Department of Political Science

The Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study (NDIAS) has selected 16 Notre Dame students for its 2021-2022 Undergraduate Research Fellowship program. Students were chosen through a competitive application process and were selected on the basis of their research experience, potential for collaboration and interdisciplinary commitment. The undergraduate research fellows will …

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