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PARKING IN PARIS: To mark Paris Fashion Week, Saint Laurent will host an exclusive residency of the Sushi Park restaurant in Los Angeles at its Rive Droite boutique from September 28 to October 7.

The brand said the “culinary event” will mark the first time Chef Peter Park and his team will bring the Sushi Park experience to another destination. The restaurant, which opened in 2006, is renowned for its chef’s choice menu and “has become one of the city’s most iconic culinary destinations,” the French fashion house said in a statement.

Park and his team will travel to Paris at the invitation of Saint Laurent’s creative director, Anthony Vaccarello. From September 28 to October 7, the store will host two evening services, at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., where customers can discover the Park menu with a selection of high quality fresh seasonal fish.

Peter Park, the chef of Sushi Park.

Courtesy of Saint-Laurent

“I have always been grateful to Anthony for being a regular, when I was offered to collaborate with YSL I said yes. I wanted to create a unique experience and invited an old friend and ceramist, Daeyong Kim, to create a new line of ceramics just for this collaboration. I really hope it will be a joyful and unforgettable experience for everyone,” Park said.

The Rive Droite boutique, which occupies the space that previously housed the Colette concept store, is presented as a “creative and cultural destination” which regularly organizes exhibitions and events. It once hosted a Sant Ambroeus food truck, but diners lucky enough to snag a reservation at Sushi Park will be seated in the basement nightclub. — JOELLE DIDERICH

COLLEGE OF CHINA: The girls of philosophy are eastward.

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini is teaming up with youth-favorite Chinese fashion label and retailer Mo&Co. for a fall capsule collection releasing on Tuesday.

“I think collaborations can be a great tool to give a new twist to a brand and explore different areas. At the same time, I believe it is important to choose the right partner. And in this case, I’m sure I’ve found the perfect one,” said Lorenzo Serafini. “I hope to transmit to Chinese girls all the energy, strength, vitality and femininity that define the most authentic spirit of the Philosophy brand.”

Designed by Serafini and echoing the Italian brand’s Fall 2021 collection defined by preppy style, the 24-piece capsule includes two drops. It offers Chinese consumers a taste of the Philosophy aesthetic with tailored blazers, cable knit sweaters, bomber jackets, T-shirts and sweatshirts.

In line with the Fall 2021 collegiate theme, some of the capsule’s pieces feature logo patches, while the brand’s signature feminine touches echo in the range of collars that are part of the range.

The collection will be transported to around 800 Mo&Co. doors in China. A dedicated campaign featuring actress Cecilia Song was launched by the Chinese fashion brand to promote the launch.

Philosophy x Mo&Co. campaign by Chinese actress Cecilia Song.

Courtesy of Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Seen as a new push into China for the brand, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini is offered at several retailers there, including IT and SKP.

A member of the fashion group Aeffe, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini has been multiplying collaborations lately. It has teamed up with Milanese resort brand Manebì and Superga for a range of shoes and last December unveiled a partnership with London-based Smiley Company for a cheerful ready-to-wear capsule. — MARTIN CARRERA

MODELING AVATARS: Elite World Group has partnered with Igoodi to create 3D avatars of models, adding all of their body measurements to their books.

This type of deal is a first in the fashion model management industry globally, according to Elite, although avatars are all the rage right now, as noted. “Changes are already underway. There is no need to wait for them; if anything, they need to be ridden,” said Paolo Barbieri, managing director of Elite World Group. “There are risks, but it is better to take them than to stand still, to tackle the new first to take advantage of these opportunities. We have to take the customer by the hand, to be able to apply our skills to novelty. »

Igoodi’s technology is based on scans performed with a process that creates an avatar that is as close to a copy of the real person as possible in terms of body shape, hair color and skin tone. Igoodi also provides a unique set of data called Smart Body, including the model’s anthropometric measurements, taken during the scanning process, which are accurate down to the millimeter.

The Igoodi scanner.

The technology will enable the creation of new fully virtual and more versatile operating models while reducing the carbon footprint of modeling, as castings can be done online.

“We are thinking of a near future in which it will be possible to make catalogs with avatars of real models,” observed Barbieri. “It will allow people to do two jobs at once, one in the real world and one in the metaverse, or to move virtually, reducing the cost and environmental impact of travel.”

“We are pleased and proud of this important partnership which, thanks to EWG’s spirit of innovation, allows us to bring evolution to such an important sector,” said Billy Berlusconi, CEO of Igoodi. “We also like the fact that it’s a Made in Italy company like us that does it. For Igoodi, technology is a great tool that can improve people’s real lives. Our vision is based on the “good” usefulness of technology. innovation, which supports human innovation in all our activities and according to the principles of digital humanism.

The entrepreneur is the nephew of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and is attracting attention with Igoodi, first launched in 2015 and tackling fashion industry issues such as designed and designed virtual collections on the virtual body.

Vittoria Ceretti, Mariacarla Boscono, Kendall Jenner, Majesty Amare, Adut Akech, Isabeli Fontana, Pleun Keijers and Loli Bahia are just some of the models represented by Elite World Group agencies. — LUISA ZARGANI

ALL PINK: Valentino is in a pink mood.

The brand will partner with Hypebeast this week to open a Pink PP installation at its 41 Division Street store in Manhattan’s Chinatown, and will also create a special sneaker to celebrate the collaboration.

Pink PP is the name of the company’s fall collection designed by creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli. Although Valentino has always been associated with the color red, for the season Piccioli worked with the Pantone Color Institute to create an intense magenta-pink hue that the brand has used on everything from mini dresses and straight-leg pants to platform heels.

As part of the Hypebeast activation, Valentino is taking over the tiered store window facade, turning all windows into pink PP. The interior of the space will feature pink PP flooring, silver chrome furniture and mannequins dressed in pieces from the fall collection.

Only 20 pairs of sneakers, which will cost $1,430, have been created, and they are numbered and signed by Piccioli. This is an open-top skate style in calfskin, fabric and suede with a padded fabric tongue, leather tag with Pink PP Limited Edition branding, clear rubber outsole and Pink PP lettering in black .

The shoe will cost $1,430.

The installation will remain until October 3 and there will be an event at the space on Thursday.

Valentino Pink PP’s guerrilla installations and projections are on show in cities around the world this fall and include the façade of the rue Saint-Honoré boutique in Paris and takeovers of pink buses and telephone booths in London .

So far, installations have taken place at Antonio in Milan, Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and at Plastic Milan Club Night. Then Aranya in the coastal city of Qinhuangdao in China, as well as the Seoul Wave Art Center in the middle of the city’s Han River, Daphne NYC Club Night and Selfridges. — JEAN E. PALMIERI

YOHJI REIGNS SUPREME: Yohji Yamamoto, who is celebrating his 50th birthday in fashion this year, releases his second collaboration with cult streetwear brand Supreme this week.

The collection includes leather jackets and pants, bomber jackets, parkas, suits, sweaters, shirts, hoodies, cargo pants, t-shirts, beanies, Dr. Martens 1461 3 shoes -Eye and skateboards.

The capsule will go on sale from Thursday at Supreme stores in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, London, Paris, Milan and Berlin.

It will be available at Supreme stores in Japan and select Yohji Yamamoto stores around the world starting Saturday.

Many styles feature original artwork from the Japanese “Tekken” game franchise, which means iron fist in English.

A black bomber, for example, features a demon design on the front, while a shirt features the faces of game characters and the word “Saiko,” which means the best in English, on the back. back.

A Yohji Yamamoto x Supreme collaboration shirt with the word “Saiko”, which means the best in English, on the back.


Yamamoto first collaborated with Supreme in 2020.

At the time, the brand called him “one of the most influential fashion designers living and working today” and praised the way Yamamoto “blazed a new trail with masterful drape and playful androgyny” and “continues to break down the barriers between the catwalks and the street, luxury and sport, tradition and avant-garde.

Following Supreme’s 2017 high-profile collaboration with Louis Vuitton, the luxury world was keen to embrace the VP Corp-owned brand.

Last year alone, the street brand label released capsules with Emilio Pucci, Tiffany & Co. and Missoni. He has also teamed up with Rimowa, Jean Paul Gaultier and Junya Watanabe on additional collaborations. — TIANWEI ZHANG

Starfield’s philosophical insights could make it stand out from other sci-fi games Sun, 18 Sep 2022 00:50:00 +0000

by Starfield The early 2023 release draws nearer and anticipation continues to mount for Bethesda Game Studios’ new intellectual property. Its first new IP in 25 years, Todd Howard, executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, says star field is Skyrim in the space. With a large map, a 30-40 hour long story, and over 1000 planets to visit across hundreds of star systems, the game is shaping up to be an impressive feat.

Whereas star field is sure to give players plenty of places to explore, more than enough meat and potatoes to fill the game world with lively activities and adventures to take on. Different factions, governments, corporations, mercenaries, and pirates live and breathe among the stars players will traverse. However, beyond these elements, the scope of star field is vast and could set it apart from other sci-fi games. This stems from his philosophical ideas which the game hopes to challenge and explore.


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Humanity among the stars

Howard mentioned several times that star field will contain two “step out” moments where the player will be confronted with the fear of the surrounding universe. These moments are tied to the exploration that the game seeks to offer players and will be milestones on the journey. Howard mentioned that these moments relate to ideas of humanity as a space species.

It’s an essential part of the game and of this philosophical thought about what’s next for humanity as a species. To capture the realism of space and our place in that future, Howard visited SpaceX to physically and aesthetically understand the authenticity of what space, space travel, space stations, exoplanets and colonies might look like. in the future. Avoiding flashy, high-tech sorcery was a pivotal decision in gauging how humanity can thrive at the end of realspace.

Humanity’s Purpose at Starfield

Tied to the idea that humanity is a species that lives in space and thrives among the stars, this is just the tip of the iceberg for star field. Recently, composer Inon Zur shared his thoughts on the game. Zur says the game’s scope is not only huge, but the story is dark and philosophical, posing enduring and thought-provoking questions to players who are likely doomed wasting hundreds of hours in-game looking for answers.

Zur’s comments complement Howard’s insights into what this means for humanity as a species and its purpose if space is the next logical frontier to explore and conquer. Howard and Zur both identify that the game not only challenges this way of thinking, but can provide answers if players are willing to find the answers. Both men conclude that part of the player’s agency in the narrative will lead to such discoveries.

Going further, Zur even described the game and its philosophical questions and answers as life changing. He certainly believes that the conclusions of the game and the agency for these philosophical questions will change the way players think and see the universe. While story details have been scarce, the little-known does indeed point to deeper and exciting questions beyond a superficial level.

star field is one of the most anticipated new games in 2023, as the first new IP for Bethesda in 25 years. However, the game should be expansive and more extensive than Skyrim, with a long and voracious story that will contain at least two release moments for players to admire the surrounding wonders of the universe. Additionally, the philosophical theme of what it means for humanity to be a space-faring species only heightened the mysteries and exploration designed for the game.

star field released in 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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]]> Saul Kripke (1940-2022) | We every day Fri, 16 Sep 2022 23:28:24 +0000

Saul Kripke, one of the most influential analytical philosophers of the 20th century, has passed away.

Professor Kripke was well known for his work in the philosophy of language and logic, with his Denomination and necessity, the book version of the lectures he delivered at Princeton University in 1970, widely recognized as one of the most important works of 20th century analytic philosophy. An overview of his influential work can be found here, and a list of his publications can be viewed here.

At the time of his death, Kripke was professor emeritus of philosophy and computer science at the CUNY Graduate Center. From 1977 to 1998 he was professor of philosophy at Princeton University. Before that, he held positions at Rockefeller University, Harvard University, and Princeton, and even before earning his BA from Harvard in 1962, he taught classes at Yale and MIT. He has held numerous visiting positions around the world during his career, including Cornell University, UCLA, University of Oxford, University of Utrecht and University Hebrew, to name a few.

Among his many honors were the 2001 Schock Prize for Logic and Philosophy from the Swedish Academy of Sciences,

He died on September 15.

A more detailed commemorative notice will be published.

Helical Network announces the release of the Empowering book, “Natural Philosophy”. Wed, 14 Sep 2022 14:00:00 +0000

“For the propagation of life, beyond the life expectancy of the Earth.” – Helical

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, Sept. 14, 2022 / — Helical, a Colorado-based research and development company, is on a mission to spread life beyond Earth’s lifespan. They recently announced one of their next milestones, a book called Natural Philosophy.

In natural philosophy, Helical explains the origins of the universe from a theoretical point of view. “The universe began before there was a bang! Small energies appeared, making black holes until one of them exploded in our universe. The universe made waves, which govern everything – from your taste in clothing to why you had a vegan dinner. These waves justify your thoughts and feelings, not just the big bang! With some semblance of order, humans can build structures to house life after earth,” they share.

“These structures can be made from superconductors that will outlast the universe! We have the supplies and the engineering capabilities TODAY! Let’s get started – spreading life beyond life expectancy of the earth !”

Natural philosophy is about a new way of thinking, inspired by the works of John Locke, James Clerk Maxwell, Michael Faraday and others. This reasoning is based on the idea of ​​a hidden order in the universe and that we can tap into this order to create a better world. As a non-fiction treatise, it argues new conjectures about the beginning of the universe and the true nature of time by extending to wave mechanics and how evolution and emergent systems all make sense and a goal.

This scientific and editorial prowess was born from a reflection on the possible end of all life and provoked mentalities, all prompted by the inspiration of a “very majestic gentleman” to synthesize all the hypotheses in a readable document. “We want people to feel empowered, that there is still an opportunity to build! More so, there is a company with this sole interest in mind. With support and mindfulness, the future can be a comfortable and bright future, where life thrives instead of just surviving.

Written by Helical, Natural Philosophy is one of the few times a book will be published under the name of its parent company, in this case Ingram Publisher Services. Helical has worked on several types of research in the fields of physics and natural sciences, and the company is still working on the research to this day. They also acquired their first provisional AI hardware patent. Their primary mission is to make the spread of life beyond Earth’s life expectancy a valid and achievable notion.

Helical shares, “We desire to look at the universe through our lens and share its wonders and beauty with others. We are all influenced by intellectuals such as John Locke, James Clerk Maxwell, Michael Faraday and Stephen Hawking. We also touch on existentialism, quantum mechanics, and essays on the laws of nature, which come together to bring you our new book, which synthesizes all these views in this sense. And with our vast resources, we can all make a difference by developing the idea that our current life can exceed expectations. Take our book and learn to make sense of life from a grand, rational and scientific point of view!

Natural Philosophy will launch in October on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other e-book retailers through Helical. Visit their official website to learn more.

The AMW Team
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Meeting on Madhva philosophy in Hubballi-Dharwad Mon, 12 Sep 2022 14:47:00 +0000

No less than 19 Madhva seers and more than 300 scholars of Dwaita philosophy are expected to participate in various sessions to be held over two days at Hubballi on Saturday and Sunday as part of the 29th four-day National Madhva Philosophy Meeting to be held in Hubballi-Dharwad. of Thursday.

General Secretary of Akhila Bharath Madhva Mahamandala Shripad Singanamalli, Secretary Ananthraj Bhat, Organizer Badarinath Acharya, Vice President AC Gopal and others briefed reporters in Hubballi on Monday on the mega event.

The gathering is organized by Akhila Bharath Madhva Mahamandala and around 5,000 people from various districts are expected to attend. The two-day sessions will be held in Dharwad on Thursday and Friday and the last two days will be held at Srinivas Garden in Hubballi.

Mr Singanamalli said that as part of the national gathering, a Shobha Yatra will be released at Hubballi from Madhura Colony at Srinivas Garden on Kusugal Road at 7am on Saturday.

Sri Vishwa Prasanna Tirtha Swami of Udupi Pejawar Mutt and seer of Raghavendra Swami Mutt at Mantralayam in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh Sri Subhudendra Tirtha Swami and others will attend, he said.

The national gathering will feature sessions covering various topics, including Dasa literature, Yuva Sammelan, and cultural programs.

The philosophy of life in the corridor of memories Sat, 10 Sep 2022 04:10:39 +0000 Such a world of experiences and memories, where sometimes the author explored himself under the pretext of others, sometimes he made himself a medium to reach the layers of the sensitivity of others.

Book: Aks by Akhilesh
Edited by: Setu Prakashan
Price: Rs 399

Aks Where The reflection is a book by Akhilesh in which he thought fondly of some of the characters who surrounded him in memory, oblivion, and sometimes in the space between these two states. There are memories not only of human beings but also of places, who probably spent themselves in making the author in such a way that their stature is no less than that of any human.

It is such a world of experiences and memories, where sometimes the author explored himself under the pretext of others, sometimes he made himself a medium to reach the layers of the sensitivity of others. But what is amazing is that even if the memory of the past creates the illusion of collage, the feeling of the hard ground of reality does not disappear for a moment from the eyes of the writer. In the book, reality is present in its dark and dense form, which obscures every moment. In fact, the author also used memories and experiences as tools to capture this complex reality in snapshots.

The book contains interesting tales of the madness and naivete of Kadipur and Sultanpur childhoods, images of admission into Allahabad’s critical literary milieu, the sons of unemployment and then sporadic jobs running out of steam. There are vivid statements of the struggle of life, there is a light of association of the best writers, and there is also the prediction of Saturn’s intrusion into the sixth house! In this way, the book is intertwined with the threads of life, which also rises step by step on the threshold of philosophy, and all this has

said in this language that is both artistic and playful. If this language is interesting, there is also a certain form of innocence.

The streets of Allahabad

One chapter of the book is based on the father and the mother. Reading this, it seems that the author’s relationship with the mother is fluid and transparent. At the same time, there is a lack of chemistry and equation in the relationship with the father. The relationship of the author to the father is like a grammar whose craft is complex. All this is very similar to the ordinary houses of the Purvanchal bourgeoisie, which were made over the pages with great sensitivity and neutrality. This episode distinguishes the fibers of the colors of the writing of the author Akhilesh, who has the compassion inherited from the stories told by the mother, and the attitude derived from the stories told by the father, who has the ability to see the sides opposites by going beyond the situation.

An entire chapter of the book is dedicated to author Ravindra Kalia, but the sound of her presence can be felt almost throughout the book. Akhilesh vividly portrayed the times when he first went to meet Ravindra Kalia. The street where his house was located was a cylinder-shaped street, which looked like a bright world with diversity in itself. And the world of his house tucked away in the street was also full of wonders. A large latch hanging outside the door, the charming Kalia ji sitting on the revolving chair inside the house constantly keeping her cigarettes lit, and the generous Mamta Kaliya sitting on the stairs of the house there. The innocence with which Akhilesh, a student from a small town, was etched upon seeing two stars of the Hindi literary world in front of him, makes this whole scene come alive. The author has made this fundamental experience of keeping the plot and the language in such vibrancy not only in this part, but it is the flavor of the literary skills spread throughout the plot.

Reminiscent of the association of Man Bahadur Singh, a great Hindi poet, the author has closely carved out the simplicity and openness of his personality and also touching the point of his brutal murder. At this point, the reader stops and joins the author’s reflection on why power is always threatened by memories, why the whole system is engaged in the destruction of beautiful and effective memories!

In the book, the author Mudrarakshas is present in various postures. From his beautiful handwriting to his desire to physically attack him so that he would become the fulcrum of the opposition… his love for animals, the fleetingness of his resentment, the escape of patient Mudra ji from the hospital, all these incidents were recorded with conviction and humour.

There is also a chapter in the book in remembrance of politician Devi Prasad Tripathi. Crossing it, DPT appears as a storage of event raw materials. All of Akhilesh’s other works show a deep ideology and understanding of politics and with this nuanced view of his time, he not only subtly captured the DPT politician’s extraordinary personality, but also his distracted and complicated political views.

When Akhilesh recalled the memories of writer Shrilal Shukla, his character seems to be the language of his famous novel Raag Darbari, which continues to surprise us step by step. His character suddenly turns into a common man by touching the mouth of extremism.

Needless to say, this is a book whose layers open in many directions. It is so dense in its experiences that on the one hand, where it can be read as a memoir, on the other hand, it also gives the reader a taste for the novel.

Although there is no disclaimer in this book named Aks, but all characters in this book are pure human beings. None of these are great. All of them are in fact a different world full of possibilities in themselves, which were sometimes filmed with a long shot and sometimes put on the pages keeping it close to the eyelids. I hope it will prove to be a treasured book for literature readers.

(Neelakshi Singh is a contemporary Hindi author and winner of the Sahitya Akademi Swarna Jayanti Yuva award. He is credited with writing three collections of stories and two novels.)

Entrepreneur Matthew J. Bruderman Gives a Rare Interview About His Family Heritage, Personal Philosophy, and Uniting America Thu, 08 Sep 2022 14:46:00 +0000

Matthew J. Bruderman, photograph courtesy of Gen Nishino, Social Life Magazine

Matthew J. Bruderman, photograph courtesy of Gen Nishino, Social Life Magazine

Matthew J. Bruderman, photograph courtesy of Gen Nishino, Social Life Magazine

Bruderman, whose investments span a range of industries, spoke about his recent foray into public service

Matt is a brilliant businessman with great creative instincts. It’s his secret weapon and it gives our team the competitive edge we need in an ever-changing media landscape.

— Tony DiSanto former president of MTV

NEW YORK, NY, USA, Sept. 8, 2022 / — Entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist Matthew J. Bruderman gave a rare interview for the cover story of Social Life Magazine’s September issue. Showcasing his laid-back style wearing a blue polo shirt, dress shirt, khakis and Vans on a boat in Center Island, the businessman discussed the family heritage and personal philosophy that led to his success with editor-in-chief Christine Montanti. Bruderman, whose investments span a range of industries, also spoke about his recent foray into public service.

“Talking about me doesn’t come naturally to me,” Bruderman, 50, says of the cover. “I’ve been quite a reserved person, but I think at a time of economic uncertainty and division in the country, maybe I can help by discussing my personal philosophy and how I believe we can all move forward.I appreciated the opportunity to speak with Social Life and was honored to be chosen for this month’s cover.

For five generations, the Bruderman family has advised some of the world’s most important institutions and wealthy individuals. They have also invested their own resources to establish businesses ranging from clothing to healthcare. Today, Bruderman is the controlling shareholder of more than 80 companies and has extended its influence to entertainment. In 2018, Bruderman co-founded Allyance Media Group with former MTV president and prolific producer Tony DiSanto. The company produces, among a wide range of content, “Selling the Hamptons,” which is currently filming its second season for Discovery+.

DiSanto recalls, “When I was looking to start a new media content business, I needed someone who could approach the business side of things with the same original thinking and philosophy that I wanted to bring to the creative side. Matt is a brilliant businessman with great creative instincts. It’s his secret weapon and it gives our team the competitive edge we need in an ever-changing media landscape.

Bruderman’s most recent project is as chairman of the board of directors at Nassau University Medical Center, where he works to strengthen Long Island’s only safety-net hospital that serves those who otherwise could not. not afford medical care.

His passion for business and philanthropy recently shifted to politics as he began supporting people who share his vision of tackling societal challenges from the bottom up, rather than top-down solutions.

Christine Montanti
Christine Montanti Public Relations
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Defeat Nazi Philosophy | Letters to the Editor Tue, 06 Sep 2022 14:00:00 +0000

To the Editor: While I know anti-Semitism is rampant in the United States, I was shocked by a recent News-Miner letter to the editor openly espousing Nazi philosophy and encouraging people to read it.

Never in my life would I have thought that mainstream Americans would turn to supporting the violence and authoritarianism of Adolf Hitler, having fought a great world war to defeat him and the Nazis. But with most of the WWII generation gone, it seems that later generations either forgot the lessons of that war completely or were so poorly educated that they never learned them in the first place. Anyone with any humanity who has read up on the Holocaust has learned enough to know that Hitler and the Nazis were indeed evil and that we don’t want to normalize what they had to say. Yet thanks to following Trump, who shouted his racist views long before the 2016 election, far-right Republicans are now endorsing Nazism, even putting their names in public. I am horrified.

Clear change in philosophy with Patriots’ 2022 roster Sun, 04 Sep 2022 22:00:00 +0000

Much has been said in the offseason about the Patriots roster and the direction in which they seem to be heading. As NFL teams finalized their game day rosters last week, the new philosophy the Patriots are implementing became clear with the team they chose to start with for the 2022 season.

Although there are several questions surrounding the team and how they may or may not perform this year, the players who made the team assured everyone that change was on the horizon in New England in a foreseeable future.

It’s all about youth and speed

The Patriots made no secret of their intentions this year when discussing their draft strategy a few months ago. The coaching staff has put an incredible emphasis on getting younger and faster as a whole.

Much of the conversation started shortly after the end of the 2021 season, especially because of How? ‘Or’ What the Patriots’ season ended. It was obvious throughout the season that the team needed an overall boost, but it finally came to a head in the big playoff loss to the Bills.

Inside linebackers coach Jerod Mayo would comment on what the team was hoping to do specifically on defense in February. He noted wanting to inject speed (among other things, of course) with their draft and free agency decisions in the upcoming offseason.

“You always want to go faster, but what we covet here is just versatility and intelligence, football intelligence. Those are things you definitely want to have in your team. Now we have guys who were new to the system last year and I think going forward they’ll have a better understanding of that and also through the draft and free agency we’ll definitely be looking to get faster, to become more explosive and to put more playmakers on the field.

Director of player personnel Matt Groh also made it a talking point when he spoke to the media ahead of the draft in April.

“We are looking to be faster everywhere. It’s not just defense. It is an offence. These are special teams. He’s not just a linebacker. I think there are several ways to do this. I think we did some of that last year and worked on doing that in free agency.

It became abundantly clear that the Patriots had decided to start from scratch by recruiting younger, faster talent to overcome their playoff loss. Several key defensive players were not re-signed during free agency, such as Dont’a Hightower and Jamie Collins, despite their tenures with the team.

Offensively, adding young players alongside Mac Jones was also a priority during the draft. Of their nine draft picks, seven of them would go on the offensive side of the ball. They would double to running back, one of whom was the fastest in the draft class. And they would select the fastest receiver, emphasizing the desire to speed things up.

Defensively, they would draft two cornerbacks to join Jonathan Jones and Jalen Mills. As one of the most scrutinized positions on the team, due to the loss of Stephon Gilmore and JC Jackson, the addition of two rookies with immense potential proves the Patriots are continuing their new ideology.

While the division slips away from them, the positions they enjoy replacing and upgrading show their willingness to do what it takes to stay competitive.

Adding more hybrid players

It’s well known that Bill Belichick has always loved all-around players and part of the philosophy going forward seems to be to add even more positionless all-around players. Outside of its penchant for the hybrid-style player, the NFL also seems to be moving in that direction. What teams are looking for when drafting is towards greater overall flexibility.

The Patriots defense has been following this trend for several years at this point and has quite the collection of hybrid players this year. Kyle Dugger, Adrian Phillips and Jalen Mills certainly lead the way in this category with their abilities to line up all over the secondary.

But even more multifaceted gamers are ready to join them with the addition of Jabrill Peppers hybrid security. As the team progresses with the intention of getting faster and more talented, lining up guys with deep defensive knowledge and skills will inevitably give the Patriots the edge over their opponents.

The offense also went positionless this year, adding a plethora of versatile players through the draft and free agency.

It started in the draft when New England would choose to retake Pierre Strong Jr. and would continue with the signing of veteran RB/WR Ty Montgomery. Their additions would become vital after losing Brandon Bolden in free agency and James White to unexpected retirement during pre-season.

They would resume signing out-of-position players until a week before the regular season with the signing of RB/WR/QB/ST player Lynn Bowden Jr. to the practice squad. His presence adds another gimmicky player for Belichick to develop and utilize, continuing the team’s new path.

It’s extremely likely that the NFL will gradually change that Belichick will bring in more of these types of players. Considering his success with them in the past, the upside is high for that to continue this year as well.

Develop a more physical and faster defense

Along with bringing youth and speed to the team, the defensive players chosen to fill the 53-man roster show the Patriots plan to adopt a much more aggressive style this season.

Their struggles were on full display in the second half of 2021 as opposing offenses were able to accomplish almost anything they tried to do in a game. The quarterbacks were untouched and the running backs ran through them easily, resulting in several devastating losses to end the year.

But this season is already on another track. Throughout training camp and the three preseason games, whether it was the starters or the second team on the field, the performance of the defense constantly stood out.

Not only were they better at stopping the run, but several players were also able to easily break into the backfield and get to the quarterback. Their sheer physique and speed were on display, giving the team plenty of options for the players to be used in different ways.

With so many young and enthusiastic players on the roster this season, the Patriots have an increased opportunity to once again present a dominant defense. Although they came to camp as the most concerning side on the ball, they proved all summer that they are here to play and play hard.

Two philosophers have found purpose in the world of work Sat, 03 Sep 2022 04:01:00 +0000 In 1943, two of the most original thinkers of the century – Ludwig Wittgenstein and Simone Weil – found themselves in bombed-out London, looking for medical work to help the war effort. Although they never met, they were remarkably similar. Both were foreigners by birth, and both struck others as foreigners by their behavior.

Basically, both were equally foreign to the traditional way of doing philosophy, their chosen profession. Austrian-born Wittgenstein and French-born Weil insisted that philosophy must be lived – or, as academics say, “embodied – and they avoided the academy to live and work. in the real world. While many of us take a break from work on Labor Day, we could take a moment to consider these abstract thinkers who gave themselves almost as much to work as they did to contemplation.

For Wittgenstein, the lure of the physical world came first. He intended to become a mechanical engineer. As a graduate student of aeronautics in Manchester, he built an engine that helped in the development of helicopters, and during a brief stint as an architect he helped design for his sister, right down to her grips. de porte, a house whose severe lines made the Bauhaus look positively baroque.

Wittgenstein brought a hammer to philosophy, not only to destroy assumptions, but also to understand how we function in the world.

However, upon discovering the writings of Bertrand Russell, Wittgenstein turned to philosophy. The book that served as his Cambridge doctoral dissertation, “The Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus,” has both intimidated and inspired generations of philosophers (as well as artists and musicians). Written while serving in the Austro-Hungarian army during World War I, it offers a series of terse propositions about the nature of the world and the limits of language. These propositions, he confidently announced, were like rungs: by climbing them, the reader could “throw down the ladder.”

The metaphors of construction in Wittgenstein’s work are not accidental. He brought a hammer to philosophy, not only to destroy assumptions, but also to understand how we function in the world. This world was the one that people created and understood through their work. And for Wittgenstein, work was not just sitting in a hut pondering big questions, but also, as he himself did, collaborating with the workers who built that hut.

After giving away the great wealth he inherited from his father, Wittgenstein helped build coffers to fund a vacation. Twice he worked as a gardener in monasteries, in one case living in the garden shed, and he took great pride in fixing a colleague’s toilet. His work has always been meticulous, exemplified by his time as a laboratory technician during the war, when he developed an extraordinarily high quality medicinal cream.

Weil was a labor activist and a true conservative who argued that workers should acquire “the heritage of human culture.”

Wittgenstein’s posthumously published “Philosophical Inquiries” include notable examples from his experiences in the world of manual labor. The book presents a series of “language games” intended to upset the reader’s reflexive assumptions about language. In one, it introduces builder A, which gets the desired actions from helper B via simple words. For example, in response to the command “Slab!” of A, B picks up a slab from a pile of slabs.

It sounds like “Slab!” is just shorthand for “Bring me a slab!” But why, asks Wittgenstein, “shouldn’t I have called the sentence ‘Bring me a slab!’ an extension of the phrase ‘Slab!’?

Wittgenstein called these exercises “games,” but they are more meaningful than playful. They reveal that words only have meaning when we discover the purposes they serve. At this point, Wittgenstein assures us, our “philosophical perplexity” evaporates.

Wittgenstein wanted to defend against the philosophers, writes his biographer Ray Monk, our “ordinary perception of the world”. In this sense, his philosophical mind remained tethered to the world in which he and others worked, harnessing tools and materials, whether concrete or abstract, for constructive purposes.

Simone Weil photographed in Spain, 1936.


Bridgeman Images

Like Wittgenstein, Simone Weil thought long and hard about the work. When she wasn’t teaching philosophy to her high school students during the week, she was teaching economics and literature on the weekends to miners and factory workers.

Both a labor activist and a true conservative, she asserted that workers, blue-collar as well as white-collar, should acquire “the heritage of human culture”. But culture is a two-way street. “The great human error,” Weil announced, “is reasoning instead of finding out.”

Weil had a demanding vision of the philosopher’s mandate. It is, she says, “exclusively a matter of action and practice”. Moreover, if philosophy was a matter of action, it was an action always attached to the truth. And the truth, Weil insisted, must “always be a truth about something” – something lived, something experienced.

When he was not teaching workers, Weil sought to be taught by them. In exchange for math lessons with a fisherman, she works on her trawler. During a storm one evening, she refused his request to buckle up for extra security, insisting that “I always did my duty”.

She also sought to do her duty on a farm, shoveling manure, digging beets, and piling hay. Between chores, she questioned the family about their lives, so relentlessly that she soon discovered her help was no longer needed. Duty further prompted Weil to descend a mine. Although nearsighted and clumsy, she insisted on using a miner’s pneumatic drill. The miner won out when the drill started pulling Weil along the face.

Eventually, she quit teaching for a year to work in factories around Paris. Inside the walls of those dark, deafening sheds, harnessed to machines where she was doomed to repeat the same movements countless times, Weil discovered misery, or affliction. Both physical and psychological, this state reduces a human being to a machine-like existence through hard, repetitive physical labor. Such work, Weil realized, made it almost impossible to think. In fact, to put an end to the suffering, the worker had no choice but to put an end to the thought, for her the ultimate drama.

Neither Wittgenstein nor Weil concluded that a workers’ revolt would solve these problems. Weil warned that “revolution” is a word “for which you kill, for which you die, for which you send the working masses to their death, but which has no content”. But both philosophers emphasized the importance of thought in giving purpose to human activity.

Weil told his students, “If you stop thinking about all this, you become complicit in what is going on. For his part, Wittgenstein never rejected expressions like “the meaning of life”. It is, he insisted, “a document of a tendency of the human mind which I cannot help but deeply respect and would not wish for my life to ridicule”. He would have agreed with Weil’s belief that not only “man should know what he is making, but, if possible, he should see how it is used – see how nature is modified by him. The work of every man should be an object of contemplation for him.

For these two thinkers, it is a duty to use our minds and our hands together, so that our own powers mesh with the resistant gears of the world. Work conspires to reconnect us to this world and to ourselves. Maybe that too should be something to think about on Labor Day.

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