Philosophy – Radical Philosophy Sat, 18 Sep 2021 13:35:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Philosophy – Radical Philosophy 32 32 First Black-Owned Maryland Winery Co-Owner Says “We May Be First, But We Won’t Be Last” Sat, 18 Sep 2021 11:05:00 +0000

Kimberly T Johnson made her Maryland Wine Festival debut not as a winery owner, but as someone drawn to the benefits of volunteering as a volunteer.

She and her friends have worked at a number of festivals across the state, she said recently.

“They stopped doing it, but I continued,” she said. “I realized that I fell in love with wine.”

This weekend, she will return to the 37th annual Carroll County Farm Museum’s grounds festival as one of the founders and owners of Philosophy Winery, the first black-owned winery in the state and one of the only two operating in the mid-Atlantic. The other is located in the state of New York.

Philosophy Winery is a so-called mobile boutique producer, where she and her longtime friend and co-owner Denise Matthews sell their product at farmer’s markets and festivals in addition to delivering it to your doorstep and selling it online. . They don’t have a tasting room yet.

Longtime wine consultant John Levenberg is working with Johnson on the production of The Wine Collective, a collection of Baltimore-based businesses that include several artisanal wineries, located in a former Sears warehouse.

Certainly, the fact that it is a black-owned business in a largely white industry makes this business unique. Indeed, they hope the business, as it grows, will attract other black owners to the industry. There are so many sommeliers, she said, “but no one has taken that next step.” But it will happen, she said. “We always say we may be the first, but we won’t be the last. There will be more. “

To help fill that void, each year they select a young black woman who is interested in the wine industry or Maryland agriculture and mentors that person through the winemaking process.

“It’s a really wonderful experience to give back to someone everything that has been given to me,” she said, “to someone who looks like me.

  • READ ALSO : Black-owned businesses: stories of struggle and success

The winery’s name, Johnson said, is inspired by “who she and I are, our personalities.” We threw out so many names but the philosophy stuck because we live according to a specific way of life, a code. “

The two grew up in Baltimore and were already friends when Johnson said she had a particularly tough day at her finance job. This prompted a call to Matthews. “I said, hey, I’m so tired of this mess, would you like to start a winery with me?” And she said, yes, of course.

By this time Johnson had already worked for years at Old Westminster Winery, run by three siblings – Lisa, Ashli ​​and Drew. This trio made the producer a nationally recognized producer for the quality of their red and white grape varieties, blends and pet nats. Among the tasks Johnson worked under Lisa Baker Hinton, the winemaker.

“It has been great learning how to make wine from a woman,” she said. “She was like my hero.”

Johnson is still employed there part-time and is taking courses online through UC-Davis for her oenologist certificate. Matthews is training as a sommelier.

“Kim and her partner Denise don’t just make history, they make amazing wines,” said Drew Baker. “It was amazing to see her evolve from employee to peer. I am really proud of her.

For now, they sell their wines at festivals and markets, and in several shops around town, including Serenity Wine Bar and Off the Rox Wine & Beer Shop. Their wines are also presented to the Wine Collective every first Tuesday of the month.

The name of the winery, Kimberly T. Johnson said, is based on her personality and that of co-owner Denise Matthews. “We threw out so many names but the philosophy stuck because we live by a specific way of life, a code.”

Over time, Johnson said, they would like to find a home. “Ideally what we want to do at some point is become a tasting room and a fermentation area,” she said, “where I will make wine and [Denise] will serve and talk about the wine we have.

Today that includes a Viognier and a Cabernet Franc, with plans for a new rose vintage and a red blend. They make about 130 cases of each wine they produce.

They are already welcome additions to the Maryland industry, said Kevin Atticks, founder of Grow & Fortify, which represents the state’s wines as well as its craft beers and distilleries. He was for years the executive director of the Maryland Wineries Association (MWA), of which Johnson is the treasurer. Says the owners of Atticks of Philosophy, “[Kimberly] and Denise have created beautiful wines that share their passion for wine and their spirit of service.

He was the one who told the couple when they started that Philosophy Winery would not only be the state’s first black winery, but also the first wholly female-owned winery.

When Johnson heard this, she said she was devastated.

“It’s 2021, you know, it’s not 1957,” she recalls responding. “I was just like, whoa, it’s amazing.”

The Maryland Wine Festival runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and Sunday. Ticket prices vary depending on the package. You can find more information at this link.


A cult wine from Pennsylvania drawing on its deep German roots and finding a number of “rabid fans”

Who in the Eastern United States produces the Grüner Veltliner? The list continues to grow

50 East Coast wineries for your summer must-see list

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Contrarian Course: Fall 2021 Edition Sat, 18 Sep 2021 03:44:21 +0000

Browsing through Stanford’s course catalog can be a bleak experience, and the University does little to guide students in choosing interesting courses outside of their major. To help you, we’ve combed through the Fall Course Catalog for you! We have selected current and past classes Review the members especially enjoyed taking. These classes have unique political and philosophical perspectives and we think you will find them refreshing, especially on a campus where a lot of speeches have become orthodox and boring. We hope you use the recommendations to create a well-rounded intellectual experience.

THINK, PWR and Introsems

GERMAN 57N: Nietzsche and the quest for meaning, Professor Matthew Smith. 3 units. Wednesday and Friday 9:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

CS major Mimi St Johns ’24 recommends this introsem as an excellent introduction to the philosophy of the German philosophers Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and Kant. She also notes that “You also learn a bit about German history in the 1800s and about Wagner. It is a good introduction to applied philosophical concepts for first year students. We know introsem requests have passed, but we recommend shopping in class regardless – seats may still open.

HISTORY 212D: Dante’s World: A Medieval and Renaissance Journey, Professor Christophe Bacich. 5 units. Completes WAY-A-II / WAY-SI. Tuesdays from 9.45 a.m. to 12.45 p.m.

Perhaps the greatest work of Italian literature, that of Dante Alighieri The Divine Comedy deserves its epic reputation. Using Dante as a guide, Professor Bacich’s course travels through Dante’s time and world, then a set of maritime republics. For anyone interested in studying the European Middle Ages and the history and politics of the Catholic Church, this course is a must.

STORY 252: Originalism and the American Constitution: History and Interpretation, Professor Jonathan Gienapp, 5 Units. Completes WAY-A-II / WAY-SI. Tuesday, 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

It’s rare to find a humanities course at Stanford as rigorous and thrilling as Professor Gienapp’s Originalism and the US Constitution. History 252 was without a doubt my favorite class at Stanford. Professor Gienapp provides a balanced environment to discuss how originalism entered mainstream jurisprudence. The topic is particularly relevant to current events, given that the self-proclaimed originals are in the majority in the Supreme Court. The students in the class are also of high caliber – the split is typically 1/3 law students, 1/3 doctorate, and 1/3 undergraduate – and the discussion is at a much higher level. than most philosophy and history courses at Stanford. –Quinn Barry, ’21, former Review EIC:

STORY 254E: The Rise of American Democracy, Professor Gienapp. 5 units. Wednesday, 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

We highly recommend this course, also taught by Professor Gienapp. The early years of American democracy are given far too little time in most American high schools. As stated in the course description, “Before and during the American Revolution, few of those who lived in what has become the United States claimed to live in a democracy. Half a century later, most have taken this reality as an article of faith. In an age when Americans debate the meaning of democracy, this course will allow you to delve into a multitude of primary sources of American history.

Core of the humanities

HUMCORE 111: Texts that have changed the world since the ancient Middle East, Professor Charlotte Fonrobert and Dr Vered Shemtov. 3-5 units. Completes WAY-A-II / WAY-ER. Monday 11:30 am – 1:00 pm / Wednesday 11:30 am – 1:00 pm.

HUMCORE 112: Great books, great ideas from ancient Greece and Rome, Professor Christopher Krebs. 3 units. Completes WAY-A-II. Monday 11:30 am – 1:00 pm / Wednesday 11:30 am – 1:00 pm.

HUMCORE 113: Finding the Way (Dao) in East Asia, Professor Ronald Egan. 3 units. Completes WAY-A-II. Monday 11:30 am – 1:00 pm / Wednesday 11:30 am – 1:00 pm.

The Humanities Core (HumCore) is an excellent and in-depth introduction to many of the world’s greatest texts, in the Western tradition and beyond. The entire HumCore program is a great introduction to fundamental Western literature accessible to both humanities and STEM majors.

Cola Buskirk ’22, who completed HumCore 112, writes that the course is “accessible to all students, regardless of their specialty” and that “HUMCORE offers an interesting and in-depth introduction to many of the greatest texts in Western canon, both in their own time and in that they relate to a contemporary audience. Professor Krebs’ balance of lectures and discussions encourages the growth of students as thinkers, writers, and lecturers.

PHIL 80: Spirit, matter and sense, Professor Jared Warren and Dr Antonia Peacocke. 5 units. Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Professor Warren covers a lot of ground in ten weeks: Phil 80 includes material covering the basics of metaphysics, personal identity and the nature of belief. But the breadth of the material, in addition to the regular writing required (five articles will be written during the term), is what makes the course so popular. Eva Davis ’22 highly recommended Phil 80 for being the rare course that “genuinely critiques your writing and helps you improve your thinking.”

PHIL 100: The History of Ancient Greek Philosophy, Professor Christopher Bobonich. 4 units. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Harvard College’s original admission requirements were that students could write in both Ancient Greek and Latin (it was relaxed to Latin in 1886, sealing America’s decline). While a classical teaching has been supplanted by the SAT, Greek philosophy remains the foundation of Western thought. Professor Bobonich’s course covers Plato, Aristotle, as well as the various Hellenistic schools such as the Epicureans and Stoics.

POLISCI 235: Chinese political thought: 1895-2021, Professor Dongxian Jiang. 3-5 units. Mondays and Wednesdays from 3.15 p.m. to 4.45 p.m.

Relations between the United States and China are a popular topic these days, but not enough American policymakers have studied Chinese intellectual history through the prism of its own thinkers. This course examines whether the Chinese model of government is a legitimate alternative to liberal democracy, as well as how Chinese thinkers have viewed the West in the context of their own country’s historical development.

Many of the US foreign policy mistakes can be traced back to times when we did not understand local cultures and societies as deeply as we could have, and understanding how China’s history has shaped its modern evolution will be essential for them. future American decision-makers. –Neelay Trivedi, ’23

The Review has also compiled a list of courses offered by Hoover Fellows, with five additional course recommendations. We recommend that you take the opportunity to learn from Hoover Fellows whose research ranges from economic policy to international affairs.

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An Online Chat Program Seeks To Find Answers To The Dilemmas Of Our Fast-paced World – The Calvert Journal Fri, 17 Sep 2021 14:35:27 +0000

How can we learn to understand and understand the changes in our contemporary changing world? NEW NOW online platform and discussion forum launches this weekend with a program of bi-monthly expert lectures, with panelists including philosophers, artists, activists and researchers.

The platform’s inaugural event, “Neomythologies and the Disintegration of Reality”, will go live on September 18 at 6 p.m. BST. Viewers can join philosophers Federico Campagna and Reza Negasterani as they chat with Sarah Shin, co-founder of feminist publishing house Silver Press, about how revisiting myths can help humanity adapt to change. climate change and promote gender equality.

Organized by the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in St. Petersburg, the platform will broadcast online events for free in English and Russian. Before each conference, the platform will also publish an organized list of suggested readings.

“What drives the program is the absolute uniqueness of the present moment. Humanity as a whole is faced with the need to analyze its history and where it has taken us, ”said curator Anna Kirikova. Calvert’s Journal. “As the American writer William Gibson said in the 1990s: ‘The future is already here. It just isn’t evenly distributed ”. The NEW NOW is one way of bringing the ‘unevenly distributed’ elements together and allows us to accept challenges and risks, gain insight into opportunities and, in fact, gain more control over our own destiny and future. common. “

While details of future talks have yet to be announced, the program promises discussions on mental health, environmentalism, transhumanism and the idea of ​​post-truth.

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Make ends meet with a 401k Thu, 16 Sep 2021 23:07:00 +0000

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – In 1978, the 401k was born as a retirement savings and investment plan that employers offer employees with tax breaks that help them save.

Most dream of quitting their jobs at some point and enjoying the retirement lifestyle they dreamed of, but don’t know how to meet their retirement goals. Gregg Murset, financial planner and CEO of Busy Kid, said reaching this goal won’t happen by accident and takes work.

“Save, share and spend,” Murset said of what he calls a balanced financial approach. “Every time you earn money, you have to save a little of it. You have to share a little – a charity or a church or something that is close to your heart – and spend the rest.”

Data from the United States Census Bureau shows that at least 79% of working Americans can participate in a 401k, but only 32% of Americans use the employee-sponsored retirement plan. Not everyone who is offered an employer sponsored plan benefits.

“If someone 25 starts setting aside $ 50 a week – or call it $ 200 a month – and does so until age 65 with a 10% growth rate, that’s literally going to be 1.2 million.” dollars, ”Murset said.

“Time is money,” as the cliché says. Those who start saving 10 years later will receive less than half of this potential amount.

“They wait until they’re 35 and start putting the same amount of money aside, that $ 200 or $ 50 a week, they’re going to have $ 450,000,” Murset said.

Saving money can be harmful when people don’t know what they are doing, he said.

“I think that’s why it’s so important to start teaching the next generation,” Murset said. “The first time they hear about a 401k, it’s like when they get their first job.”

A business that matches a 401k at any percentage can mean even more money in a person’s pocket. Many employers offer to match what is put in a 401k up to a certain amount. It’s up to the employer to decide what percentage it will match, but many companies offer dollar-to-dollar matching.

“This matching contribution is free money,” Murset said. “I mean, it’s literally a built-in ROI. If you put 6% of your salary, they will pay 6% of your salary. It’s a 100% return like that.

Contributions to a 401k are pre-tax and a person’s savings grow tax-free if they stay in the plan.

“It automatically comes out of your paycheck,” Murset said. “You don’t have to do anything about it. As you get older you become more conservative, but when you are younger take a little risk and capitalize on those big returns.

The contribution limit on the amount that can be placed in a 401k each year is set by the IRS and is subject to adjustment each year. For 2021, the contribution has been capped at $ 19,500, not including an employer’s contribution to a person’s 401k.

People aged 50 and over may be able to make a catch-up contribution. This is an additional contribution that can be made to a 401k retirement plan to compensate for money that a person may not have been able to contribute to their plan early in their career.

Age also makes a difference in asset allocation. Those who are younger can tolerate a higher level of risk than they can as they approach retirement. Those nearing retirement may have more money to invest, but have less time to recover from losses they might incur.

Murset also said the “earn and burn” philosophy of getting a check and spending the money immediately can be very damaging.

“If they just follow the win and burn philosophy where they make money and burn it as fast as they can, they’ll never make any progress,” he said. “You have to get rid of the win and burn philosophy and use a balanced financial approach. “

Copyright 2021 WAVE 3 News. All rights reserved.

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Jeff Bezos Just Got Something Money Can’t Buy: His Own Management Philosophy Wed, 15 Sep 2021 02:18:44 +0000

Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP via Getty Images

Business students have been trying to get themselves into Jeff Bezos’ mind for years.

On Amazon, the platform he created, there are dozens of books on his business practices: The store of everything, Amazon unrelated, Invent and wander, Bezos letters, Bezosnomics

Books are one thing. But you know that you have really successful when you have your own management philosophy.

“Bezosism” is the philosophy that drives Amazon warehouses

Invented by The Wall Street Journalof Christopher Mims, bezosism is rooted in the idea that warehouse workers “make the beat”. This is how it works:

  1. Amazon’s fulfillment centers are filled with a combination of sensors and software that track every worker’s activity.
  2. This data allows Amazon to compile a work rate that is essentially an average of the overall performance of all workers in the facility.
  3. If workers cannot keep up, they will receive an algorithm-triggered warning. Too many warnings can result in termination.
  4. To stop warnings before they happen, warehouse managers hold stand-up meetings twice a day where they brief each worker on their classification.

Amazon maintains that a floating average = a reasonable workload …

… But the practice led to a toxic environment for some warehouse workers.

  • Some workers say the constant focus on success rate leads to unproductive cross-team competition
  • This leads workers to cut corners to work faster, sometimes at the expense of safety

This may be responsible for Amazon’s injury rate, which amounted to 5.6 injuries per 100 workers in 2019, compared to 4.8 per 100 for the average US warehouse.

Bezosism could soon be the subject of regulation …

… Thanks to a new bill introduced in California targeting warehouse quotas.

Currently, a standard 10 hour shift includes a 30 minute lunch break and 2 15 minute rest breaks. The bill could force Amazon to reduce quotas to give employees more time for breaks.

The problem extends beyond the warehouse, with some Amazon delivery drivers being forced to find creative ways to relieve themselves (read: bottles and bags).

The next time you’re wondering how your last impulse buy got to your door so quickly, thank Bezosism – for better or for worse.

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Remembering the philosophical guide Subramania Bharati on the occasion of his centenary of death Sat, 11 Sep 2021 07:45:52 +0000

“The great Tamil poet, philosopher and optimist Subramania Bharati wrote that India will not only emerge as a great nation, but will inspire others as well. India will show the whole world a way to get rid of all kinds of bondage ”
-PM Narendra Modi on the legendary Subramania Bharati

Subramania Bharati, a name that will always be remembered in Indian history for inspiring people in the fight against the British. He left his legacy in Tamil literature. He was not just a poet, but a patriot, journalist, philosopher, reformer and freedom fighter in the pre-independence era.

Bharati’s writings were the medium for his expression. As much as he used the English language, it brought him closer to his mother tongue, Tamil. However, he also used his talent for poetry to the best of his ability to persuade the masses of the south to join the great Indian struggle for independence.

PM Modi pays tribute

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly quoted the veteran poet. On the occasion of his 100th death anniversary and as the country celebrates Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also recalled the patriot who ignited the spirit of freedom in his ways.

In his honor, the Prime Minister also announced the establishment of the Subramania Bharati Chair of Tamil Studies at BHU, Kashi.

This is not the first time, however, that PM Modi has remembered the late poet. During the 2020 International Bharati Festival speech, Prime Minister Modi reminded the world how Bharati never knew fear. He shed light on how Bharatiyar believed in a healthy mix between the old and the modern.

Bharati has stayed true to his roots while looking to the future. He regarded the Tamil language and the mother country India as his two eyes. He sang songs about the greatness of ancient India, the greatness of the Vedas and Upanishads, our culture, our traditions and our glorious past. But at the same time, he also warned us that simply living in the past glory is not enough. You have to develop a scientific temperament, a spirit of research and walk towards progress.

Prime Minister Modi also mentioned Bharatiyar during the 2020 Ekta Diwas celebrations in Kevadia, Gujarat, mentioning one of his poems praising India.

Early life

Son of Chinnasamy Iyer and Lakshmi Ammal, Subramania Bharati was born on December 11, 1882 in Ettayapuram, South India. He lost his father when he was only 16 years old.

Bharati found his mentor and inspiration in Bal Gangadhar. He showed a talent for writing poetry at a very young age. He began to compose poems at the age of 8.

Later in his life he married Chellammal and had two daughters, Thangammal and Sakunthala. He was the unofficial publisher of India Weekly according to the book

Mahakavi Bharathyar

Also called by the name of Mahakavi Bharathiyar, meaning great poet of Tamil, the name of Bharati is counted among the most famous poets in the country. He was an expert in both prose and poetry.

Subramania Bharati mainly engaged in secular, political and spiritual writings. He was also the first Asian poet to sing the glory of the Bolshevik revolution.

His poems are not only an ode to nature, but contain a childlike innocence. His first poem, a sonnet was published in 1904. His collection of works was published in 16 volumes.

Bharati: The literary giant

Subramania Bharati is the epitome of how to use your voice and abilities for the right reasons. He strongly advocated for the liberation of women, which was way ahead of its time. His patriotic poems sparked the spirit of unity among the people during the British Raj. His writings are considered a pioneer of Tamil journalism and literature.

Tamil cinema often uses songs and poems composed by Bharati. It has become a staple in the literary and musical repertoire of Tamil artists around the world. He also paved the way for modern blank verse. His love for Tamil is evident in the many writings describing how beautiful Tamil is.

The journalist

The British government was looking for the editor of the weekly India for publishing articles of a contemptuous nature. Subramania Bharati had to flee to Pondicherry (then a French colony) in 1908 to avoid being arrested by the British government. It was here that he produced his masterpieces Kuyil, Kannan Pattu and Panchali Sabatham.

He worked as an associate editor at the Swadesamitran newspaper in 1920. As a journalist, he risked his life to take risks.

From the archives of Prasar Bharati

In a timeless conversation about the late poet, Dr Kailash explains how the late Tamil literary giant, Subramania Bharati, reminds him of Kabir, the saint. He says that Subramania Bharati is a mixture of Kabir, Nirala, Meera and Panth. In conversation, he talks at length about Bharati’s writing style and his love and devotion to Lord Krishna.

Watch the full episode on Subramania Bharati from the archives of Prasar Bharati. Click here

Also check out All India Radio’s YouTube playlist of Subramania Bharati compositions here

Respect & Acknowledgement

The Indian government instituted in 1987 the highest national Subramania Bharati award awarded with the Department of Human Resource Development (now Education), awarded annually to authors of outstanding works of Hindi literature.

Bharathiar University, a state university was named after the poet from Coimbatore. The commemorative stamp of Subramania Bharati was also issued by the Indian Post to him.

Va.Ra wrote a classic Tamil biography on the greatest poet of all time, “Mahakavi Bharatiyar”. It was first published in “Gandhi” magazine in 1933-1934, then revised and published in book form by Sakthi Karyalayam in 1944.

Bharati took his last breath in 1921 in Chennai at the age of 39. In the words of PM Modi, in such a short time he has given so much that today his writings guide us to a glorious future.

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New hybrid working philosophy launched by Atradius Wed, 08 Sep 2021 05:44:41 +0000

Wales-headquartered commercial credit insurer Atradius has launched a new hybrid work policy offering staff the option of working from home over the long term.

The new way of working will offer Atradius staff the opportunity to spend up to 40% of the time working remotely. The ‘hybrid work philosophy’ was developed by Atradius, which is headquartered in the UK in Cardiff Bay, in consultation with staff, with a clear preference identified for maintaining an element of remote work. The ability to work remotely will be voluntary, giving staff the choice of where to work.

Anne Middleton, Head of Human Resources for Atradius UK & Ireland, said: “Flexible working was already a growing movement for companies, although much more gradual than we have seen over the past 18 months. The pandemic has greatly accelerated this trend and accelerated the implementation of infrastructure to support routine home work. At Atradius, the way our staff continued to run the business almost entirely remotely during the pandemic was impressive, incorporating new technologies and new ways of working to operate and communicate effectively. However, facetime is irreplaceable in allowing us to maintain the strong relationships with the clients and brokers for which we are known, while being able to innovate and collaborate for the long term. Therefore, a hybrid solution between office and remote work offers the ideal balance for the best of both worlds.

To support hybrid working, Atradius has launched a new support program comprising wellness webinars, social connectivity initiatives and light hands-on workshops designed to equip staff with the skills to work effectively remotely and instill culture of Atradius. This follows the deployment of a new technology and communications infrastructure as well as large-scale IT support and training. While the hybrid work philosophy is stable, as a new structure it will be continually reviewed to ensure that it evolves to best meet the needs of the staff and the business at large.

Anne Middleton added: “Good mental health and employee engagement are among our core values ​​at Atradius. We believe that the flexibility of a hybrid work philosophy provides a better balance, allowing staff to feel more fulfilled, achieve a better work-life balance while increasing productivity and efficiency.

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International Taekwondo Day: the sport which is also a philosophy Sat, 04 Sep 2021 04:50:28 +0000

Each September 4 is celebrated on International day of Taekwondo because it was on this date of the year 1994 when the International Olympic Committee, decided to include this martial art as official Olympic sport, at the Paris session.

Although the Taekwondo has over 200 years of recognized history, the first time he appeared At the Olympic games, it was in 1988, during the seoul olympics and it showed like show sport, repeated situation to Barcelona, until 1994 the resolution was taken to make it one official Olympic sport.

Despite the fact that during the 70s its greatest performers tried to unify the techniques that make up this martial art, today they can be appreciated. subtle differences regarding a particular type of school, but his biggest feature and for what it is known around the world, it is for the stroke combinations which unite the upper and lower limbs.

Is this his repertoire of moves understand any part of the body to defend itself, fists, and open hands, fingers, elbows, knees, instep, heel, wrists, forearms.

This activity born in Korea and shares its origins with other Asian martial arts, such as kung fu and karate, today it is considered a combat sport and one of the most practiced in the world. However, those who practice it argue that it’s much more than an activity and consider it a Way of life.

his philosophy is based on principles of Taoism and Confucianism, which establishes the following moral parameters: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.

This is why its importance lies in the serenity, health and speed of intervention that you incorporate to respond to extreme situations. Once the maximum levels of self-control in practice, the acquired value develops transversally.

The origins of Taekwondo:

The story of Taekwondo starts with that of Korea, during the centuries from I a. C. al VII d. vs. before the rivalry of kingdoms and their constant struggles. of two martial arts which originated at this time, the “Subak” and the “Taekkyon”.

The “Subak”, was born in the mountainous regions of Korea, and has been characterized as a fighting style based on strong kicks, blocks and eliminations. Meanwhile, he “Taekkyon“Was developed for strengthen body and mind, for the free use of feet and hands, and adaptation to any critical situation, in the ancient kingdom of Koguryo (the Goguryeo kingdom). Over time it has drifted into the philosophical basis of what we currently know as Taekwondo, which means “The path of feet and hands”.

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My philosophy of wet dog food Wed, 01 Sep 2021 11:00:12 +0000 When it comes to my dog’s favorite humans, I’ll never be number one. In fact, if you handed him a piece of paper and a pen, asked him to make a list of his favorite humans, and he was capable of such a thing, he would probably do …]]> “],” renderIntial “: true,” wordCount “: 350}”>

When it comes to my dog’s favorite humans, I’ll never be number one. In fact, if you handed him a piece of paper and a pen, asked him to make a list of his favorite humans, and he was capable of such a thing, he would probably do something like this:

(Illustration: Brendan Léonard)

If you said, “Okay, but who else?” He might then say something like, “I guess what his name is, the guy who lives here, he’s fine.”

I’m fine with it. Dogs need an alpha in their life, and Hilary is Rowlf’s. It’s settled, and it’s not a competition. But I still consider it my job to help Rowlf live her best life, so I try to do it when and where I can.

That’s why he’s been eating so well for about six months. We kept his kibble diet for almost the first two years we had him, but every now and then we gave him a little wet food, the Dear stuff in a box that looks like something a human might eat. Rowlf is not what you would call a food motivated dog, and several times I have hand fed him kibble while he was sitting on the floor, out of duty that he will not starve under my watch. .

But he seemed to really like wet food when we added it to his kibble, an improvement that I felt was like sitting in a restaurant and letting someone order for you in a different language and have a plate. of raw carrots in front of you, but two minutes later the server places two slices of pizza on top of the carrots.

Hilary, who is – and I can’t stress this enough – Rowlf’s favorite human, was of the opinion that we should use wet food sparingly, in part to keep Rowlf from expecting it and then stepping on us, and in part to keep him from gaining too much weight and stressing his joints. I casually lobbied, every now and then, for more wet food, more regularly, maybe even every day.

At one point, after maybe a dozen conversations about dog food, I presented my case like this:

“When we adopted Rowlf, a vet estimated his age at seven or eight, based on his teeth. That was two years ago, and who knows how accurate this kind of age estimate is? We really don’t know how old he is, he seems to have more and more white hairs around his mouth. Wet food seems to make him happy, and if we have no problem obtaining food financially, we should give the dog the food that brings him joy as often as possible.

And then, swinging for emotional closure, I said, “We just don’t know how long he’s going to be with us.”

Hilary nodded and, in her infinite wisdom, said, “I guess you could say the same about yourself or me, right?”

Our dog currently eats a third of a can of wet food with each meal. Sometimes half can.

Brendan Leonard’s new book, I hate running and you can too, is available now.

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Tyron Woodley exposes flaws in Jake Paul’s philosophy Sat, 28 Aug 2021 09:32:00 +0000

The high-class fight between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley is just days away. Since its announcement, the fight, which is set to be one of the biggest boxing events of 2021, has sent shockwaves through the world of combat sports. Paul and Tyron Woodley are both ready to roar inside the ring, and they are already in the final stages of their preparations.


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But before that, the former UFC elite, in a conversation with Ariel Helwani on BT Sport, spoke about his rival Jake Paul and his activities in the boxing and MMA industries.


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Your notion of culture and your notion of combat sports, and you want to go all at once fund me and give Dustin Poirier a necklace, and now you’re the ambassador for MMA and their fighter pay. You ain’t got no shit. he said.

Woodley added, “I don’t respect him, I don’t think so. Which is it, two minutes ago you said something else, so I’m saying what I mean, I mean.

Paul and Woodley’s trashy talk has reached boiling point. Even at their recent press conference, the couple didn’t let a single opportunity for verbal abuse. Additionally, fans expect the verbal wars between the duo to continue until they finally enter the ring on August 29.

As the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley fight is unusual in its own way, casual fans of the sport are really eager to see how things turn out between them.

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley – Will the beef between the two be settled on August 29?

In a buildup of that fight, Jake Paul raised his trash talk game and did it all against Tyron ‘The Chosen One’ Woodley. The latter, too, did not hold back, giving rise to an epic back-and-forth.


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That said, on August 29 in Cleveland, Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley will finally end their prolonged rivalry.

In order to see months of enmity and bad blood resolve into a fight, the world will have their attention on the Showtime event. It will be interesting to see who steals the show.


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So far, what do you think of Tyron Woodley’s above comments? Do you think Jake Paul will answer it?

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