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What has changed and what is new

The hope is that this summer will be a bridge between a year and a half of pandemic education to a fall for all and a “normal” school year 2021-22. The abrupt shift to distance learning in March 2020, followed by a fall and winter of ‘hybrid’ teaching and debates …

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diversity — unless you’re Asian | City newspaper

The Supreme Court will soon consider whether to take up the long-awaited question Students for fair admissions v. Harvard case, which pits Harvard’s race-conscious admissions process against a group of Asian-American applicants who do not fit Harvard’s idea of ​​”favored minorities.” The central idea behind the case is whether Harvard’s …

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Federal government warns GOP budget for Wisconsin puts $ 1.5 billion in federal education dollars at risk | Local government

“The department will continue to closely examine and monitor whether Wisconsin meets all federal tax requirements,” Rosenblum said. Republicans have said the K-12 spending plan, which was passed 11-4 along party lines, is an effort to account for billions in federal stimulus funds provided to the state during the pandemic. …

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