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diversity — unless you’re Asian | City newspaper

The Supreme Court will soon consider whether to take up the long-awaited question Students for fair admissions v. Harvard case, which pits Harvard’s race-conscious admissions process against a group of Asian-American applicants who do not fit Harvard’s idea of ​​”favored minorities.” The central idea behind the case is whether Harvard’s …

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Federal government warns GOP budget for Wisconsin puts $ 1.5 billion in federal education dollars at risk | Local government

“The department will continue to closely examine and monitor whether Wisconsin meets all federal tax requirements,” Rosenblum said. Republicans have said the K-12 spending plan, which was passed 11-4 along party lines, is an effort to account for billions in federal stimulus funds provided to the state during the pandemic. …

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Online Introductory Education Market by Technological Advancement and Demand 2021-2026

The business intelligence report on Online Initiation Education market facilitates businesses and other stakeholders to embark on revenue generation sprees by efficiently tackling the current and upcoming challenges in this vertical. It covers all other significant aspects such as predominant trends, primary growth stimulants, and opportunities that govern the industry …

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