Cam Newton’s philosophy is to “feed” the enemies | Patriots

Cam Newton was a lightning rod in his first season with the Patriots.

The former MVP threw eight touchdowns for 10 interceptions, but was also flanked by one of the worst skill groups in the NFL. While some believe Newton was hampered by a truncated offseason and a diagnosis of COVID-19, others argue the 32-year-old’s best days are behind him.

During a live Instagram Q&A with quarterback coach George Whitfield Jr., Newton was asked how he deals with the hatred he receives from naysayers. The veteran’s response was nuanced.

“Simple: feed your focus,” Newton said. “Feed it. If hate is not at the center of my concerns, I don’t feed it. I feed it, but I don’t feed it. It’s two different things. When I feel or when I feel. linger on hatred, it’s the product that will come out: rage, anger.

“But it’s hate that uses me, not me that uses hate. So I want to process that and make it nourish me. I don’t dwell on what a person can say, what that person can say, they say, I just use it to my advantage and feed what I want them to feed.

Newton’s latest pursuit is the starting quarterback in New England, and he’ll likely be competing with the Mac Jones first round when training camp takes place later this month. Whitfield also asked Newton what he thinks of the process when he pursues something.

“You have to visualize yourself there already. Get your mental thought to be in this moment and take your place in it, ”Newton said. “And once you’re there, find so much distress that you can get bogged down and feel comfortable in it. Whenever it is. And that’s how you work. Do you know what I’m saying? Just bring your mind to this place, stay there, be uncomfortable, and be comfortable being in this position.

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