Brighter Click triples revenue with ad optimization

Brighter Click Provides Ecommerce Customers with Marketing and Advertising Optimization Services to Thrive in a Competitive Landscape

The digital market can be difficult to navigate, let alone get there. The sheer amount of data and potential businesses looking to carve out a niche make it incredibly difficult for consumers to break through excessive noise. Ad optimization and aggressive, targeted marketing are the keys to success in the digital economy, and companies that do it well have an overwhelming competitive advantage. Brighter Click is a social media agency with proven results in helping clients reach consumers in the crowded ecommerce world. Through targeted advertising, data aggregation, and tailored marketing strategies, Brighter Click can help take businesses to the next level.

Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry as big tech companies are changing the landscape with constant updates. For example, Apple’s IOS 14.5 update rocked the ground for Facebook marketers and businesses serving ads on the platform. Accounts were seeing 20-50% of lost tracking data, resulting in slower performance and massive loss of potential revenue. Where other digital marketers saw disaster, however, Brighter Click saw an opportunity. “The IOS 14.5 update gave us the opportunity to focus on the fundamentals of marketing; messaging and audience adequacy. Fortunately, we were able to pivot and find opportunities to track potential data lost in Ads Manager. Helping both our team and our clients see the performance of their campaigns, ”said Brighter Click CEO.

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Brighter Click’s ability to pivot is based on its lean, technology-driven team and leadership. Their guiding principle is lifelong learning and evolution. “Brighter Click is an agency that prides itself on being education first. We ensure that all of our employees stay on top of their field by providing them with new courses and teaching materials each quarter, and we use this training to lead communication with our clients. Our goal is to help our customers understand the why of their performance so that they can make better decisions not only with their Facebook ad campaigns, but with their overall marketing program, ”said the head of the. Brighter Click education. If you want to improve your business’ digital marketing while still being able to focus on your team’s core competencies, Brighter Click can provide you with what you need.

About Brighter Click

Brighter Click is a paid social media agency that works primarily with e-commerce clients. They focus their time and effort on getting results for their ecommerce customers, with positive returns ranging from 4 to 8 times the ROA. Ad optimization, strategic marketing, and advanced outreach strategies are all services they deploy for their clients.

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