Basis Education Foundation for Life launches sustainable capacity building initiatives in partnership with local partners to address poverty and social disability

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – July 26, 2022) – Canadian non-profit organization Basis Education Foundation (Basis) has unveiled its collaborative capacity building initiatives. Its mission is to aid anti-poverty efforts by providing basic digital literacy and life skills training in disadvantaged communities. Basis partners with grassroots NGOs and organizations in the majority world. Basis provides the infrastructure and human resources necessary for comprehensive learning opportunities and skills development. This initiative is delivered through its unique Core Learning Centers, where trained local partners educate and upskill learners.

The digital divide experienced by poor urban and rural communities in the majority world exacerbates their struggle. Basis aims to show that technology can contribute significantly to the efforts of governments and organizations to eradicate poverty and unemployment. Its core learning centers focus on utilizing the possibilities of information technology and computer literacy in its educational programs. Basic learners are aged thirteen and over. Working with local partners, Basis provides learners with a learning ecosystem that includes an online curriculum developed by the organization. The partners, along with their own mentors, trainers and teachers, provide the highest level of training and education possible.

Basic learning centers are located near communities completely disconnected from the digital world and therefore lack access to basic education and employment opportunities. Studies point out that the widening of the digital divide has a considerable impact on education and career paths. In a world where power is increasingly held by those who hold the “digital reins”, this disadvantage widens the gap between the haves and the have-nots. Basic Learning Centers are committed to ensuring that no individual is deprived of their basic right to education and employment due to digital illiteracy. The initiative is designed to be a team effort with local partners to ensure it serves the most at-risk populations.

Basis is committed to teaching its learners the discernment they need to operate safely in the digital realm. Furthermore, the intention is to protect its participants from the possible dangers of the Internet; Ultimately, Basis and its partners work to prevent child marriage, trafficking, child labor, gang involvement and online sexual abuse.

“We want each Basis Learning Center to be an innovative and creative space where participants feel well supported by our mentors. Therefore, we have developed our online program focusing on accessibility for those who speak basic English. We have also trained local mentors who can translate the program into participants’ local languages ​​as needed. Today we can do it anywhere in the world. Our goal is to transform lives through education and skills training, says Christina de Jong, co-founder and CEO of Basis Foundations for Life.

Basis Education Foundation is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce poverty by educating and improving the skills of disadvantaged communities in the majority world. Basis supports local, national and international organizations with the infrastructure needed to bridge the digital divide.

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