Author: “Asian Americans Have Showed Critical Race Theory Cannot Be True”

Kenny Xu, author and president of advocacy group Color Us United, told Hill.TV that “Asian Americans have shown that critical race theory cannot be true.”

Discussing the differences between the educational achievement rates of Asian and Black Americans in the United States, Xu said the historical experiences and disadvantages in the two communities were “of similar magnitude.”

“We always try to come up with the worst victim story possible, and you just did it for black Americans, but I could do the same for Asian Americans,” said Xu, author of “An Inconvenient Minority.” : The Attack of Asian American Excellence and the Struggle for Meritocracy. “

He went on to say that racial discrimination in the United States is no longer a problem for Asian and Black Americans and that “we don’t live in this story today.”

“Asian success has been preserved and has been discriminated against in this country, but we are living in a time when that is not really the case anymore,” Xu said. “And so you really have to focus on what cultural values ​​are and how that shapes the discourse. And Asian Americans are proving that you can truly step forward and achieve the American dream.

Xu is the head of Color us united, a group founded in 2021 with the mission of “defending a race-blind America”. In blogs for the Color Us United website, Xu spoke out against respecting Juneteenth as a federal holiday and against ethnic studies programs in California.

Xu’s remarks to Hill.TV on Critical Race Theory comes as many GOP-led states have taken action against Critical Race Theory. At least 21 states this year have offers legislation banning critical race theory in public schools.

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