Arthur Moats is excited about Adrian Klemm’s philosophy: ‘Playing physics is more than just shooting the ball’

The Pittsburgh Steelers coaching staff has changed more this year than it has in any other year during head coach Mike Tomlin’s tenure. While there have been a few internal promotions, there are new faces as an offensive coordinator, offensive line coach, assistant offensive line coach, quarterback coach, tight ends coach and defensive back coach. Most of the remaining staff are only entering the second or third year of their term.

Significant changes in this department are one of the things the Steelers rely on to change their fortunes. While promoting Matt Canada to Offensive Coordinator is a priority, promotion of Adrian Klemm to Offensive Coordinator may come second. The former Steelers outside linebacker explained why, discussing Klemm’s coaching philosophy.

“Playing in physics is more than throwing the ball,” he said on his YouTube channel. “You have to have this mentality, ‘I try to break your face every time. I want you to feel pain. When I look you in the eye, I want to see the fear ”. It’s a different state of mind. And I sometimes felt that they didn’t have that last year ”.

“I sometimes had the impression that it was a lot more to go through the movements last year, by checking a box” I shot, I crossed this guy, I did my job “” , he continued. “No, ‘your face mask and your nose, I want them to be one.’ It’s just the energy I want to see, especially from my linemen ”.

Of course, Moats was on the other side of the ball, but as a passer he knows a little something about offensive linemen, and especially what he likes to see out of them when he’s looking to. win a face to face. them. As an opponent, he probably licked his chops at times last year.

While the springboard for this topic was second-year lineman Kevin Dotson’s interview with the media during OTAs last year, Moats also referred to him as the kind of player who “has that energy” as Klemm. is looking to get out of his unit this year. .

Dotson is just one of many moving pieces to come onto the field for the offensive line this year, replacing Matt Feiler in left guard. With Maurkice Pouncey retired, he will be replaced by rookie Kendrick Green, if he can beat veteran crosses, mainly BJ Finney.

Additionally, Chukwuma Okorafor is determined to switch from right tackle to left to replace Alejandro Villanueva, who left in free agency to sign with the Baltimore Ravens after the Steelers informed him at the start of the free agency process that he wouldn’t be brought back. .

Can Klemm convince his starting five players to accept his aggressive philosophy? At least on paper, it looks like Okorafor might have the most difficulty with this, which could make him vulnerable to a challenger like rookie Dan Moore, Jr.

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